12 Cheap Synthetic Hair Wigs For 2019 Halloween Costume

Dec.22, 2019

Halloween, on October 31 of each year. The Halloween comes from the ancient New Year's Day of Celtic. It is also a time to sacrifice the souls. While avoiding the interference of evil spirits, we also worship the ancestral spirits and good spirits to pray for the winter. The night before (that is, Halloween Eve), children will wear costumes, put on masks, and collect candy from house to house.

Except the Halloween costumes and masks, the hairstyle is also the most part of the Halloween. Many girls. Even some adults, will participate in Halloween parties on this day with various dresses. Hair wigs are perfect for a fun unique look, no matter what the occasion. AfricanMall online store has synthetic hair and human hair for your your Halloween hairstyle.

12 Cheap Synthetic Hair Wigs For 2019 Halloween Costume

We will recommend you the synthetic hair wigs, no matter for For the Halloween, a party, a holiday celebration or theatrical performance. Because it will cost you less and you can dye or curl it freely. 

FAQ About Synthetic Hair

1. How to apply synthetic lace front wig?

*Cut the extra lace along the hairline.

*Braid your own hair and wear a mesh cap, then put on your wig.

*Fix your wig by combs and adjust the size with the belt back.

2. Can i use heat tools on the synthetic wigs?

Of course, you can. All of our synthetic wigs are heat friendly. But please set the temperature lower than 180 degrees Celsius. And the synthetic wigs are more easily to be straightened, if you want to curl the synthetic wig, you can use the curling rools and steam it.

3. How long do the synthetic wigs last?

Usually the using time of the synthetic wigs is about 9-12 months. If you take good care of the wigs, it may last longer.

4. Can i dye the synthetic wigs?

Yes, but we don’t recommend you dye it. If you just want show more of your character on special day(such as the Halloween, party, celebrations and so on) with regardless of the wig cost, you can dye the wigs freely.

5. How to wash the synthetic hair wigs?

Synthetic wigs are cheaper than human hair wigs. And a good quality synthetic wig may look as same as the real human hair and maintain quite long if maintained well. We usually suggest you to wash your wig once 2-3 months. Here are some steps:

Firstly, De-tangle with wide tooth comb before washing.

Secondly, wash it with warm water, hot water may damage your wig hair texture.

Thirdly, wash it with gentle baby shampoo or fiber conditioner.

Fourthly, rinse the wig and make sure it is clean enough.

Finally, use a towel and pat hair dry instead of hair dryer; and then de-tangle the hair wigs with wide-toothed comb from the bottom top the top again when it’s dry.

The wigs can not only depict characters more authentically, but also spice up any costume. Our Afro-curly hair wig, natural body wave & straight hair wigs, ombre wig, side-parted lace wigs, middle-parted hair wigs, bob straight wigs and long hair wigs are all suitable for Halloween dresses. Let a quality wig from Africanmall complete your look and help you draw the attention.

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