17 Stripes Outfits Show On JurllyShe: How To Wear Stripes

May.24, 2020

No matter when and where, you can see someone wearing stripes: stripe t-shirts, stripe knit sweater, stripe dress, stripe trousers and so on. Yes. If there’s one item of clothing that every woman should have in her wardrobe, it’s a strip blouse. But if are tired of matching your stripe tops and bottoms, there are other stripe outfit styles.

Do Horizontal Stripes Look Slimmer Or Vertical Stripes?

We know that stripes have horizontal stripes and vertical stripes. Then here is a question: Do horizontal stripes look slimer or vertical stripes? This is an important factor when choosing stripe clothes.

In general, vertical ones make your body slimmer, so you look thinner, whereas horizontal ones will widen your body, adding a couple pounds to you. But this view is not absolutely. It’s also related to the width between the stripe lines.

How To Wear Stripes

There are different ways for wearing stripe outfits. Let’s see:

The easiest and most common method of wearing stripes is simply pairing a striped blouse or any other top with a pair of jeans. A loose-fitting shirt will be a wise choice for a curvy body. If you are fat in the tummy area, better opt for loose striped tops, rather than define it.

stripe tops

Traditionally, fashion experts have been prone to the idea that plus-sized women should avoid vertical stripes, they think that vertical stripes will widen their body. However, this may be a mistake, since vertical stripes have the opposite effect, as oversized people appear taller when wearing vertical stripes especially.

plus size stripe dress

For cold weather, when putting on a dress, choose a one color coat over up your striped dress and tights that are the same color as the coat. Or you can try to mix the classical black and white striped dress with red tights. You will have a dramatic look.

stripe coat

Make your short-shorts feel more polished by styling them with a long-sleeve top—that way, you balance out the silhouettes. For accessories, keep on with the simple staples for easy daytime dressing: a straw tote, strappy sandals, and cat-eye sunglasses.

long sleeve stripe tops

Whether vertical or horizontal, nautical or monochrome. striped clothes look so fresh, it's no longer just about a classic striped shirt or t-shirt. In fact, striped trousers are so trendy as well as striped tops in interesting silhouettes.

Scroll down to see how to wear stripes and another 9 style JurllyShe hot sale featuring stripes clothing.

africanmall hot sale stripe outfits

According to the photo above: You can see stripe design not only on t-shirt but on stripe matching sets, stripe rompers, stripe sweaters, stripe shirt dress etc. So stripe outfits will never disappear in fashion. It will rock you with new patterns with time.

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