4 Basic Workwear Outfit Ideas for OL

Feb.21, 2021

4 Basic Workwear Outfit Ideas for OL


Don't wear the most expensive clothes, just the right ones.


Hi every body,  this time we are going to introduce 4 workwear outfit ideas for the early spring! 


As the temperature warmed up, we gradually took off the heavy down jacket and replaced it with a light suit to get out of the bedroom door.

Whenever you wake up on Monday morning, would you ask yourself a question, what to wear today? Wearing a professional dress will not only make a good impression on others, but also make you more confident. This is not to look at people by appearance, but only to be good at managing themselves, to make others believe that you have the ability to run a professional field of work.

You don't have to worry about it, because next time, you will know the four basic office dressing rules. After reading it, you will know how to wear it tomorrow.



Pants + Blaze+ Shirt 

Inspired by the women's workplace in the legal profession. Lawyers are one of the most representative women who need to wear business attire. In order to maintain a professional image, wearing a suit is basically a suit. It is dominated by black and white, gray, blue and red. To learn and practice the higher-order wearing rules, we can learn from the professional wear of the proud bone series "The Proud Wife" and "The Battle of the Bones". In the play, the goddess of the workplace is full of enthusiasm, fashionable and intellectual, and very personal.


blazer and pants suit


Bottoming Shirt +Skirt / Skirt Suit

This is a slightly more sophisticated route. This can be called the H-shaped suit. The color is mainly black and white with neutral tone and low saturation. The length of the skirt is generally at the knee position, which is the most dignified length in the workplace. As long as it is tailored and fit, the simple and elegant suit is perfect for Office lady.

 skirt suits



Midi Dress + Long Coat

This wear is elegant and elegant. The length is also around the knee, the version is slightly waisted, and the simple color is embellished with a small range of color splicing embellishments to break the plain dullness. And the early spring coat, you can also choose to compare bold. The material is not only hairy, but also the cool material such as leather, as well as bright colors such as dark green, bright yellow and watermelon red. Wheat-colored skin, these choices make her whole person look a lot more beautiful.

 elegant work wear dress suit

Boiler Suit

It is a new type of jumpsuit that has become popular this year. Boiler Suit, which is weak and charming, and has a tough shape to hide meat.
Boiler Suit was originally the professional service of the boiler house workers in the 1970s. The fabric is easy to wear and wear. Workers who work at the factory at three o'clock in the factory generally do not have time to consider matching. It is very practical and can be worn without a brain.

boiler suit and jumpsuits for work

Boiler suit is characterized by loose shackles, and there are usually long pockets on the outside of the thighs (in order to facilitate workers to install some hardware tools), even if you don't have to carry a bag, small pieces can be thrown inside, so do not want to chase the fashion lazy sister. Missed.

Don't think that the one-piece tooling can only be worn in the summer. The overalls of the tooling suits are loose and rich in content. Below you can hide a pair of autumn trousers and a sweater or turtleneck sweater on the upper body. In the early spring, you can create a warm layering.
In order not to make yourself look too pragmatic as a worker himself, it is recommended to step on a pair of pointed high heels to create a fatal temptation in a man.


blazer       formal dress           tube top            jumpsuit               skirt