7 Tips For Making Your Wig Look More Natural

Feb.21, 2021


✿  Why make wigs look more natural?

Wigs have gradually become a must-have for many women to go out. For women who want to buy wigs, knowing how to wear wigs and making wigs look natural is usually a problem. Especially if you are a new wig wearer, you may want the wig to match your overall image as much as possible. We've put together some useful ways to make your wig look more natural.


✿  Tips For Making Your Wig Look More Natural.

Method 1: Choosing the color of the wig is a very important step. Choosing the color of the wig will make your wig look like your own real hair. Choosing the wrong color of the wig will make the wig look unnatural and may make you feel embarrassed. Novices choose wigs that are similar in color to your skin and hair.

Method 2: Choose the wig style that suits you. There are many styles of wigs, such as curly wigs, wave wigs, straight wigs, long hair and short hair. The choice of wig style matches your age and personality. Girls with quiet personality can choose straight wigs and long wigs to reflect the fresh temperament. Lively girls can try deep wavy hair and curly hair to reflect the wild temperament. Straightforward girls can try short straight wigs and Bob wigs.

Method 3: Select the right size. Starting from the front of the hairline, wrap the back of the ear around the back of the neck, wrap it around the other ear, and then put the tape back to the other end of the hairline. Record the size and choose the right wig according to the good size.

Method 4: Choose a lace front wig. The lace front wig can modify the face shape, making the wig and the hairline transition naturally, and it looks as real as your own hair.

Method 5: Replace the wig regularly. Human hair wigs look more natural than synthetic wigs. The raw material for human hair wigs is 100% real hair. Therefore, the texture of the human hair wig is soft and the color is more natural. The synthetic wig is made of a safe chemical fiber, and the texture is harder and looks brighter. Synthetic wigs have a shorter life span than human hair wigs. Synthetic wigs are replaced every 3-6 months, and human hair wigs are replaced every 6-12 months.

Method 6: Wear wigs carefully. When wearing a wig, you can choose a light nylon cap to wrap the hair, which can block the original color of the hair, and the wig looks more natural. The lace part of the wig is properly trimmed and closely attached to the hairline.

Method 7: Daily care should be done . Wash your hair regularly, wash it better in 7-10 days. Wipe the wig by gently applying the conditioner to the wig to keep the wig shiny. After washing with water, wipe off the excess water with a towel. Leave the wig to the wig-specific bracket and take it to a ventilated place for drying. After drying the wig, store it in a bag to avoid dust.

People wear wigs for many different reasons, such as hair loss or changing styles. You can try the above method to make your wig look more natural.