8 Steps To Wear A Lace Front Bob Wig

Feb.21, 2021

lace front bob wig

Lace front bob wig is one of the most popular wigs. Lace front bob wig gives a sense of exquisiteness and enhances the overall temperament, which is loved by many young women. Learn about lace front bob wig.

✿  What Is Lace Front Bob Wig?


The lace front bob wig has a small transparent lace hair piece attached to the hairline of the Bob wig, and the hair band is sewn onto the lace hair piece. The lace front bob wig is not only comfortable, but it also looks very realistic. The lace front bob wig successfully mimics naturally grown hair, which is difficult to recognize when worn as a wig, while the Bob wig looks very natural. The delicate and thin nature of lace allows it to fall on the forehead, creating a very small space between the wig and the skin, breathable. Even in the hot summer, the Bob wig before wearing lace will not be injured. Lace front bob wigs are divided into human hair wigs and synthetic wigs. Whether you're style, hair color or skin tone, there are lace front bob wigs to suit your needs, from synthetic lace front wigs to human hair lace wigs, curly lace front wigs, short and wavy lace front wigs. The lace front human hair wig is 100% made from human hair, and the synthetic wig is made from safe synthetic fibers. You can choose a wig that suits your needs.

✿  How To Wear A Lace Front Bob Wig ?

Step 1: Organize your hair. If you have short hair, flatten it and secure it with a clip. If the hair is of medium length, it can be woven or tied into a small bun. The hair is as close as possible to the scalp, making the hair look flat, otherwise the wig looks obvious.

Step 2: Choose a light colored stocking cap or wig cap. The wig cap is a soft hat that helps hold the hair. Wear a wig cap to completely cover your hair, including the hair behind your forehead and neck. Gently adjust your wig cap to reveal the hairline.

Step 3: Clean your skin. Clean the skin around your forehead before wearing a wig. You can use a wig professional cleaner or a wet towel, wipe it with a dry towel, wipe it and then use a hair dryer to clean the skin.

Step 4: Try on the lace front bob wig. Correctly distinguish between the front and back wigs, with lace on the front and no lace on the back. Take the lace front bob wig and put it on your head. When the wig is too tight or too loose, you can adjust the strap inside the wig to feel comfortable. To repair the wig, use a clip or hairband on the wig to secure the wig in the glove. A position that is easy to fall off and shake the head from side to side to ensure that the wig does not fall off. This is a very crucial step.

Step 5: Cut the lace in front. Adjust the front of the lace front bob wig to the correct position and match the hairline. Take a pair of scissors and cut about 1-3mm from the hairline. Try not to cut it all out. It is easy to break the lace in front. This step requires patience, otherwise the wig will look unnatural.

Step 6: Test the skin. Apply a small amount of liquid adhesive and wig double-sided tape to the skin and allow it to stand for ten minutes. This step is to test the sensitivity of your skin because this is the first time you wear lace before the Bob wig. If the allergies occur, remove the liquid in time. Drop your glue and use other adhesive to fix the front lace.

Step 7: Secure the lace front bob wig with a liquid adhesive or double-sided wig tape. Choose a liquid adhesive that will make the wig. Before using the liquid adhesive, clean the skin and apply glue along the contour of the skin beneath the lace. Be careful not to apply too much. Just apply a layer. Let it rest for a few minutes, then press the lace to bring it close to your skin. Secure the front lace portion of the wig with double-sided tape. The first step is to clean your skin. Dry the skin, tear off a small piece of tape and apply it to the skin to make sure it does not stick out. Gently press the lace to bring it close to the skin.

The last step: check the lace front bob wig . Check that lace front bob wig is matched to the skin, try to choose a wig that is similar in color to the skin, and smooth the wig with your hand or a large tooth comb to make it look more natural.


 Complete the above 8 steps and your lace front wigs bob wear. The lace front wig combines the most breathable part of the wig with the lace while using less material to damage the rest of the wig. The lace front wig provides the ideal balance between natural look and durability. The combination of front lace bob and wig not only enhances your beauty, but also enhances your confidence. Then you can go shopping boldly.