How To Choose The Wig Color That Suits You?

Feb.21, 2021

Wigs have become the choice of many fashion people. Wigs can not only change the hairstyle but also improve temperament. Wigs bring a lot of benefits, pay attention to the choice of wig color. The color of the wig is not suitable for you, the effect may be terrible. It will reduce the overall temperament. 

Therefore, it is very important to choose the wig color that suits you. Synthetic wigs are available in a variety of colors. If you want to try different wig colors, synthetic wigs of different colors can better meet your needs.

In addition to choosing the color you like, the color of the wig needs to be related to skin color, age, makeup habits and seasons. The following small methods will help you make the right choice.

Step 1: Learn about your skin tone. Skin color can be divided into white, reddish, partial bronze, and black. White skin tone: If your skin is fair, congratulations, except for light gold is not suitable for you, other wig colors are suitable. Light blond hair is easy to make people look bloodless, too pale, and other wig hair colors can try. Redness of the skin: If the skin is reddish, it can be darker, such as dark gold, dark brown and deep linen. Dark red hair color is not suitable, making the skin look redder. Bronze skin: If your skin is brown or wheat, you can choose dark brown, olive, and red. These colors make the skin look whiter and add a touch of color.

Step 2: Age. Bold wig color is suitable for young women. Young women can choose the cool color of the wig, which can make you look cooler. For older women, there will be a quieter color. If you want to hide your age, I suggest you use the wig's gold and warm tone.

Step 3: The season. The season is also an important factor affecting the choice of wig color. When spring and summer come, you can choose warm colors such as gold, linen, and orange. When autumn comes, you can choose cool colors such as dark brown, black or red. When winter comes, it is recommended to choose a light gold and white wig color. Light and white make you attractive in winter. The color of the wig is linked to the season to enhance your overall image.

Step 4: Makeup habits. Women who like to make heavy makeup can choose bold and exaggerated colors. The color of the wig can be chosen according to your makeup style. When you like to use purple or red make-up, it is recommended that you choose and make-up style similar colors when choosing a wig, overall appearance looks perfect.

Step 5: It should be noted that if you are a newbie wearing a wig for the first time, try to choose a wig color that is similar to your skin color and hair color, which will make you look more natural. It can also help you get used to a slightly different experience and have a comfortable feeling and experience.