Two Different Ways To Curl A Wig

Feb.21, 2021

Wigs come in a variety of styles, types and brands, so it's important to choose the wig that suits you. Whether natural, curly or straight wigs, wigs can enhance or destroy the appearance in an instant.I've put together some tips for changing the style of the wig, let's get to know it.

Heatless Curls for Your Wigs

Synthetic hair wigs are made of chemical fibers. Heating tools such as curling irons can damage synthetic fibers and are therefore completely away from the hair. Most synthetic hair wigs are not heat resistant and they are generally not subjected to heat setting or bulk handling. If you want to change the style of a synthetic wig, you can curl a wig without heat.

synthetic hair wigs

Step 1: Make the initial hairstyle on the styling head and use the styling head to look at it from all angles. With this accessory, you can see all the sides of the wig for your wig style.

Step 2: Use a spray bottle filled with water to spray moisture during the styling to make the wig moist. Start with wet hair for the most effective results.

Step 3: Combing the wigs. When combing a wig, always use a brush or comb that is specifically designed for wigs, as regular brushes for natural hair can strain and damage wig fibers. synthetic hair wigs are recommended to use stainless steel wig brushes to prevent hair loss and fiber stretching. For human hair wigs, it is recommended to use the coarse-toothed wooden comb. Once you have identified the right tool, brush your hair in a right way that helps you.

Step 4: Braided wigs. Braided wig is a very important step in changing hair styles. Now divide the wig into two strands, each of which is divided into three small bundles, which are cross-woven into twists, and it is better to weave them tightly. In this way, the wig style is better and the curl is more obvious.

Step 5: Dry naturally. Put it in a naturally ventilated place, and after a few hours undo the braids, the beautiful hairstyle will be done.

Step 6: Use a wig spray to shape. A wig spray or wig mousse is a great tool to keep your style.

Heat Curls for Your Wigs

Heat styling is to use a thermal tool such as a curling iron to change the style of the wig, generally suitable for human hair wigs.

human hair wig

Step 1:It is worth noting that heat styling when the wig is completely dry.otherwise it will damage the human hair wig.

Step 2: Use a professional heat setting tool such as a curling iron. Best equipped with a temperature control dial. This way you can determine how much heat is applied to your hair to avoid damaging human hair wigs.

Step 3: Use a curling iron. The curling iron is placed on the hair between the hair root and the hair tip. Then, wrap the bottom part of the hair around the curling iron. Hold on for 10 seconds and let go. Repeat each paragraph until all the hair is rolled up.

Step 4: Re-comb the human hair wig with a finger or a coarse-toothed comb. A wig spray or wig mousse is the perfect tool to keep your style, apply mousse to your hand and gently rub the wig

This article focuses on two different ways of curl a wig, including heatless Curls and heat Curls.If you want to change the style of the wig, you can try it.