Clutch Bag: Essential Part for Evening Event

Feb.21, 2021

As a fashion accessory, the clutch bag is undoubtedly up there with dresses, jewellery and shoes forming the quartet of statement making essentials for any evening event. But while the clutch was once deemed a nocturnal accessory, it’s only recently discovered the daytime practical virtues of the clutch. Maybe it is an embrace of minimalist living? Or a rejection of modern consumerism? Whatever the reason, the rise of the clutch has seen designers’ respond in recent years with a plethora of new and innovative styles that rang from utilitarian practicality to daring ostentation.


With a wealth of styles and designs now in our midst, finding the perfect clutch bag has become an increasingly more challenging task. The fabrication, size, functionality  and design, all of them may be the deal breaker. So, just like sorting the wheat from the chaff, to pick up the clutch bag that best suits your wants and needs is very important and difficult. Africanmall may help you find it out.



Distinguished by its timeless design, the classic clutch bag is an essential in your arsenal with versatility to see you through formal events or more dressy nights out. Due to its classic design, when finding your perfect clutch, please pay attention to the following details: look carefully at the quality of the leather and hardware, think about the style of fastening you need, and keep one eye out for functional features such as slip pockets or card slots which can make all the difference in a smaller clutch.



The clutch has become synonymous with the quintessential party bag, and with good reason. Its classic petite design comfortably carries all your soiree essentials without the weight, and such clutch is often metallic designed.