All Hair Types-Which hair types to choose

Feb.21, 2021

Pro educator for curls. and talk about your hair type. 

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Straight hair

Straight hair is also known as type 1 hair. With no evidence of a curl pattern or hair texture, you know you are type 1. If the journey from the root to the tip is one straight shot.


Wavy hair

Wavy hair is also known as type 2 hair. Includes 2a which is a loose wave. 2b which is moderately wavy. And 2c which is a strong defined wave.

All of which form a lengthy S pattern. It is helpful to use a light organic styler that doesn't weigh your hair down. Simply scrunch the product into your hair, for the perfect lift for your waves every time.


Curly hair

Curly hair is known as type 3 hair. Type 3a has a stretched and loopy curl. Type 3b has a rounded body full curl. 

One helpful tip: applies a cream or jelly styler to your hair and shake for volume or smooth for control.


Very curly hair

This hair type is known as type 3c. 4a type 3c has a tighter corkscrew curl with lots of volumes. 4a is known to be coyly curly and has many shorts patterns. 

One helpful tip: hydrates your strands often with an organic base conditioner, to prevent tangles and excessive dryness.


Kinky hair

Your kinky hair is known as type 4 B and type 4c. it is sometimes called Zig ly or crimpy. 4b hair forms tight Z patterns along the hair shaft. and type 4c may show little to no curl pattern at all.

One helpful tip: Chooses thick cream based products to help hydrate, style your hair. Have fun with your hair type by utilizing all style out methods, like the braid out the twist out and roll set styles.


Based on your hair type you have options. So no matter which hair type you are, following an organic based hair. Care regimen with curls products to bring out the moisture shine and strength of your hair.

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