Best Spring New Arrivals Sales 2021

Jan.29, 2021

Pls remember that there are always new arrivals in Jurllyshe, since the new fashion year is coming, Jurllyshe has already prepared lots of great fashion for our lovely girls.
The spring is coming, and every sadness will be ended in the soft sunshine, everything will be fine, every illness will be cured. And Jurllyshe will have the best spring sales as usual!

New Arrivals

From Jan. 19th to Jan. 26th you can get a special discount for the new arrivals and other products, even for human hair wigs. You can check the Jurllyshe coupon code as following shows:

For all of the new arrivals, you can get 8% off with the code NA8 if only buy one new style; and the code NA12 is 12% off if buy two things from the new arrivals. The best deal is to buy 3 new styles, then you can get another brand new garment for free! And you can also use the coupon codes to get a discount.

Except for new arrivals, Jurllyshe also has a discount on the other clothes :

When it reaches $39, you can have a 5% discount with code NA5, and when it reaches $89 you can have a 10% discount with code NA10. If buy $179, you can have a 15% discount.

What’s more, don’t forget the wigs, as a special offer on Jurllyshe, wigs are the most popular products as well. During the spring sales, you can get 10% off for all wigs, just type the code NAhair10 before payment.

Besides, the regular sales will still be available, you can find the $0.01 products on the specific site for new registers. And 15% off for students on the student theme page.

The spring new arrivals 2020 are really nice, Even more to the point, the street style of all new styles are more than fashionable, all the designs are exaggerated and full of imagination. No matter the matching sets or corset tops, cool is the only criterion that we will follow, Jurllyshe believe that the street style is the best idea to beat the crazy 2020, and we should keep the strong faith to fight, to chase the top of life.

As for this bandage street matching set, the bandages represents all the troubles of our lives, and even there is a mess in our lives, we will still be brave, and all the troubles will become the badges to decorate our lives.

matching set

And for this underbust corset, it draws on elements of skydiving, which means even the life is unfair, and it will keep dropping, but we will still grab the strings of the parachute, and it will always save us to a peaceful place one day.


All in all, the new arrivals of Jurllyshe are very attractive, and the discount is also nice. There will only be regret if you missed our best spring new arrivals sales 2021.


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