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Jun.21, 2020

If you are a hair&wig demander, you should know some best wholesale hair vendors online 2020. With the development of hair industry, more and more hair suppliers see the business opportunity, but finding a good hair supplier is not easy.

Know Best Wholesale Hair Vendors Online 2020

If you are looking for the ideal place for yourself or some dear wigs or hair wave, then this is the place for you.


Where To Find The Best Wholesale Hair Vendors Online 2020?

How To Find Suitable Wholesale Hair Vendors?

What You Should Know Before Buying From Wholesale Hair Vendors?

Why Choose Africanmall Hair As Your Wholesale Hair Vendor?

Where To Find The Best Wholesale Hair Vendors Online 2020?

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You can find the wholesale hair vendors on eBay, Aliexpress, Alibaba or Amazon. However, you cannot see or touch the hair wave or wigs in person, so you cannot tell the quality of a natural hair.

And what’s more, Aliexpress or Alibaba, Ebay or Amazon, they all need some fees, so all sellers on them will increase the price of the product. Aliexpress is now 8%, Alibaba requires an annual fee, some sellers need more than $10,000, Ebay totals about 13% , And Amazon is about 16% -17% in total.

The advantage is that you can save a lot of time and money, and also get more information about custom hair category from these platforms. So you can order some samples from them before ordering in large quantities.

However, if you want to buy cheaper virgin human hair bundles or cheap wigs, we suggest that you can go to the shops has their own factory and also don’t need the third-party platform fees, such as, we have our own hair factory and our own online shop, but we didn’t enter the third-party platform.

There are many other online shops like Africanmall. Such as beauty forever hair, Unice hair, Julia hair, Nadula hair and so on.

How To Find Suitable Wholesale Hair Vendors?

Buying wholesale hair directly from the manufacturer can save money and time. Under the competition and economic pressure, for barber shops and hair salon shops, find the suitable wholesale hair vendors is very important. Here are some things you need know.


Hair Quality

When you check hair quality from different wholesale hair suppliers, the most important thing you need to do is learn yourself. You need to know exactly what the market needs. You can consider several categories, for example, waviness, color, length, straightness, and texture.

Some hair vendors use hair drawn once, and some hair use double hair. It is important to fully understand your supplier when placing an order because you cannot rely on the fact that even expensive single hair is of higher quality than double-headed hair.

Ask your supplier if the hair you purchased has been stretched. Stretching the hair can increase the length of the hair, but it can dry the hair and also help tangles and make the ends of the hair thin.

Always make sure you buy good virgin hair to ensure your customers' satisfaction and increase customer loyalty.

Contact information

Check that they have an address and phone number, which is useful if you might visit them in person.

Ask your friends and family

Find out where your partner buys wholesale hair. They can help you choose the right wholesale hair supplier.

Simplify things

Choose a decent website wholesale hair supplier. This means checking things like easy-to-use features and payment systems that make payments easy and secure. Internet sites with large photos of a large number of different hair types are often the most attractive and easy to use, so you can find the hair you need.


Read reviews and feedback from their past customers. Are they satisfied with the support and quality of specific wholesale hair suppliers? Satisfied or dissatisfied customers often show their opinions in reviews. Many wholesale hair suppliers have a review and will give you a pleasant observation about your customers.


Buying hair wholesale is not an ordinary purchase, you should be satisfied with the order. If you need more clarification before ordering, talking directly to a business consultant may be a solution. Sales contact numbers should be available on every page of the premium wholesale hair supplier's website and they will be happy to respond to any request.

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Tips for choosing the wholesale hair vendor:

Not the biggest and cheapest are the best. But the most suitable for us is the best. What we should do to find the goog wholesale hair vendors for us?

(1) If you want to start a hair business, you should try more hair brands to find which is the most suitable for most customers.

(2) If you are a hairstylist, it is best to choose a high-quality virgin hair supplier, because most customers may need to style the hair. If the quality of the hair is too poor, it will affect your business and you can't get money or even lose customers.

(3) If you plan to change your hair supplier, you should find a high-quality hair supplier at an affordable price.You’d better to find a more professional hair factory, the price form trading company will be higher than factory.

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What You Should Know Before Buying From Wholesale Hair Vendors?

1. Shop unprocessed hair. Unprocessed virgin hair can last longer and also give you a chance to color or style it. High quality ombre/bleached hair also a choice, but it’s better the virgin hair.

2. Customer service. Contact the hair weave or wigs supplier to find out how fast they can respond. Good communication and customer service are important signs for hair vendors.

3. Check the hair comments on YouTube. Before trying a new vendor, watching their several review videos on YouTube. Try to find the most unbiased video for the most impartial insight.

4. Look for reviews with customer photos. There are many customers who post pictures in the reviews, which can help you better understand the actual appearance of your hair.

5. Don't go for too cheap. Price can sometimes be too good to be true. Such as $50 for a standard set of 3 bundles 8inch hair weave is unlikely to be of good quality. Not even for 3 bundle with closure or 4 bundles with closure.

Why Choose Africanmall Hair As Your Wholesale Hair Vendor?

Africanmall offer the quality hair, which is the most important. Our hair never mixed with animal hair or heat-resistant synthetic material, no/less chemically treated, and without any other odor. No tangles and sheds, and the color is very bright.

Africanmall has its own factory, the price of human hair bundles and wigs is the direct factory price. Reduce intermediate links and save a lot of money.

Africanmall has a professional website technical team, which can provide you with a safe online environment and perfect after-sales service and return policies.

Africanmall provides 24-hour online customer service. Our customer service staff will pay attention to your order before-sale, during-sale and after-sale. Make you buy high-quality with cheap price hair. 

No matter the bundles with closure or wigs, Africanmall could offer you a wholesale price.