Can You Sleep In A Human Hair Lace Wig?

Aug.07, 2020

Human hair wigs can immediately bring you a brand new look and can quickly change the style. Human lace wigs are particularly convenient because of their natural appearance. For girls who wear wigs every day, they want to have their hair ready when they wake up in the morning. However, if you wear or take off the wig every morning and night, it will be a tedious and time-consuming thing. Here are some questions about "Can you sleep in a human hair lace wig? How?".

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The Benefits Of Sleeping In A Human Hair Lace Wig

Even if sleeping in a lace front wig greatly reduces its lifespan, many women still like to sleep in it. Some women may choose to sleep in the lace wigs in front of them, for some reasons.

1. Save time and energy at night

When you are busy working or doing housework all day, the last thing you want to do is spend some time removing the front lace wig at night. This will not only interrupt your sleep style, but also absorb a lot of energy from your already tired body.

2. Reduce sleep disturbance

If you are the kind of person who plays do after a long day, then you can sleep well without any effort, and a good sleep is a perfect choice. However, women who do not like sleeping in wigs must stay awake to take them off.

3. Enhance self-confidence at night

Even at night, a little confidence can be attractive. Whether you want to be neat and elegant or have a bad hair, wearing a lace wig overnight can really enhance your self-confidence.

4. It makes morning preparation easier

Every morning, many women rush to work or school. It takes more time to reinstall the wig every morning, which may cause a delay. If you repeatedly report being late for work, you will put your work at risk. In addition, the pressure to install a wig will increase the anxiety in the morning, which leads to a bad mood.

5. It reduces the risk of reinstallation

Lace front wigs are usually installed by an experienced hair stylist. That's because it takes a lot of skill to place the wig, fix the hair and apply foundation along the lace. If you have been wearing a wig for a while, or have just started using it, then you will understand that when you reinstall the wig in the morning, the risk of wearing it is very high. Therefore, basically, sleeping on the wig in front of the lace can save a lot of trouble.

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How Do You Sleep In A Human Hair Lace Wig?

If possible, it is best not to wear human hair wigs while sleeping. But for many people with hair loss, wearing a wig is like a safety blanket, especially if you live with someone. Although it is not ideal to sleep with a wig, it can be done! But you need to keep it properly to avoid hair wear, mess and tangles, especially for the human hair lace wigs that we buy with a lot of money.

1. Use pillows.

Use pillows with silk or silk-like pillowcases. This will help the hair glide and reduce the friction of the hair on the pillow. This will reduce matting, tangling and other friction-related problems.

If you don't have a silk pillow or wig cap, then a large silk scarf will be your ideal choice.

2. Put on a nightcap, or wrap a silk scarf around your head, and fix the scarf around your neck with a loose knot to protect the lace wig. For silk or stained scarves, it should be large enough to comfortably wrap around your head. For the purpose of protecting wigs, satin, silk or similar materials are suitable because they do not jam hair fibers or cause static electricity.

3. Prepare your wig.

Before the wig goes to sleep, you should be prepared. Long wigs should be braided or ponytailed to reduce friction. Short wigs will no longer be a problem, but if you can fix it or fix it in place with a hair clip, it will be better for your wig.

4. The next day.

After waking up, you will have to brush your wig carefully to gently remove all knots. Do not leave the knot in the wig to sleep, otherwise it will cause further damage and it will be very difficult.

5. The second wig.

If you sleep in a wig, you may also want to swim and exercise in the wig. We recommend that you designate another wig for such activities. You don't need to worry that the wig looks incorrect in the morning. Even if you only sleep with two wigs alternately, it will not cause less harm than wearing only one wig.

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However, there are also some drawbacks of sleeping in a wig. That’s why many women choose to remove them before sleeping at night. These drawbacks include:

* Increased fiction which can drain moisture from the wig and lead to knots or tangles

* It can put your scalp health at risk

* Sleeping in your wig will make it require high maintenance

* It can be quite addictive

Here are some tips for cleaning and maintaining wigs when removing them for cleaning.

1. Using washed products and conditioning natural hair will not cause damage to the wig.

2. Before shampooing, make the hair into a ball, so you can take out the scattered hair. Remember to take care when washing and conditioning wigs.

3. Cover the wig and carefully clean the inside of the wig cap to remove excess hair products used for shampooing and conditioning, otherwise the scalp may be itchy.

4. Put the hair on the wig stand to dry the hair.

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