How To Swim With Lace Wigs? (Will It Falling Off When Swimming?)

Mar.02, 2021

How To Avoid Lace Wigs Falling Off While Swimming

Summer means beach days and time at the pool. After a while of laying out, you can't help but have that urge to go take a plunge in the cool, fresh water. But you may can’t help asking some questions like: Can i swim with my lace wigs on? How to avoid the hair wigs falling off while swimming? Will the water damage my wigs? These are real concerns. Then......

Can I Swim With Lace Wig?

This is the most frequently asked qustion in Summer. And the answer is : Yes, of course you can.

You know all girls love to take photos when they at a nice swimming pool. They want their hair look perfect, they want their body in shape. That’s why no girls will leave their head bare.

Will The Water Damage Your Hair Wigs?

Freshwater is by no means harmful to your hair system. Instead, it is the salt and chlorine that you find in pools and oceans that'll damage your hair system:

1. Chlorine: Almost all swimming pools contain chlorine. Chlorine is a chemical used to clean the pool, but it is harmful to both natural and synthetic hair, alike, because it cannot distinguish between pollutants and other materials.

2. Salt: If you've ever accidentally put too much salt on your food, you know how unbearably dry it will make your mouth. The same is true with its effect on your hair. Salt water will dry up your shiny, strong hair and make it dull, brittle, and vulnerable to damage.

How To Aviod The Lace Wig Falling Off Your Head?

1. Keep Your Wig In Place With The Right Adhesive

Currently, the most popular way to wear a lace wig is gluing the front lace trim along the hairline, and press it to make the lace melt into the skin to get an undetectable natural looking. So if swimming in a lace wig, the first thing is, we must choose a waterproof and water-based adhesive to make sure the trim of the lace will not flip out in the water.

Just remember, let the adhesive dries before swimming, high quality adhesive for wig won’t loose when rinse in water for long time.

2. Tie Your Lace Wig Back

You’ll want to braid your wig or put it in a ponytail for more vigorous water activity. Loose wet hair gets tangled and knotty and is a chore to brush out.

3. Try Swim Cap

Try a swim cap

If you still have doubts on the effectiveness of your adhesives, try a swim cap.

Place the shower cap onto your head. The shower cap acts as a second barrier underneath the swim cap in case water seeps in under the swimming cap.

Pull the swimming cap down over the shower cap. This will help protect your hair from water, chlorine, sand or saltwater. You can swim when done.

Just make sure to be extra careful when you're removing the cap so you don't pull off your wig with it.

4. Wearing A Synthetic Lace Wig Instead Of A Human Hair Wig For Swimming.

When wearing lace wigs for swimming, the better hair wigs might not be best. As we have mentioned earlier, overexposure to chlorine and salt will damage both synthetic hair and human hair. One way to combat the damage is by giving your wearable the care it needs. This includes cleaning and conditioning your hair wig or hairpiece thoroughly to get rid of all the harmful substance and replenish the moisture that was lost in the process.

Such being the case, we recommend using synthetic lace hair wigs is better than human hair lace wigs. Two reasons: One, synthetic hair is lighter and holds its shape better when it gets wet. Second, they are much cheaper to replace.

5. Always using wig glue remover to remove the glue.

Always using wig glue remover to remove the glue, normally the waterproof glues are more stick and harder to remove, don't rudely pull your wig, that will harm your hairline and damage the wig lace.

Apply some glue remover, take your time to gently and slowly remove the glue.

6. Conditioning Your Wig Afterward

Tending to your wig once your swimming is done is very important.

The Guidlines:

*Rinse the wig in fresh water to get rid of chlorine or salt

*Comb through the wig slowly and gently to get rid of all knots

*Use a conditioner on the ends of the hair and rinse

*Hang the wig on a wig head to dry completely

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