Fashion Trends

How to Measure Your Waist and Hips for Women Clothing
Shopping for fashion is the required course for every girl, but how to measure the waist, the hip is also very important, that is the thing that can determine whether you can buy a pair of comfortable pants or shirts.
Size Chart for Women’s Clothing
From this article, Jurllyshe will tell you some necessary knowledge that you should always keep in mind when you are shopping for fashion. The first thing is to learn the size chart about women’s clothing. It is the most basic knowledge that you should know.
sexy crop top
Summer is not so far away from us, a hot crop top is always your best style in the hot summer, Jurllyshe has a lot of wonderful crop tops for you, and let’s see how many ways the crop tops can be worn. You may find your unique style on Jurllyshe!
leather corset top
Corset tops have rushed to the hottest topic of fashion these weeks, especially for the leather corset top, they are so popular among the fashion world. Haven’t you known how to wear this kind of sexy corset? Don’t worry, Jurllyshe will not let you down!
Spring Fashion Trend 2021
The dress is the best partner of spring. Dresses will appear in the spring fashion trend every year. Jurllyshe also prepares many great dresses for you to enjoy the vivid spring 2021, there are so many styles for you to select.
bandage pants

The latest fashion trend 2021 has been updated, haven’t you know that? It’s the bandage and drawstring element! As we all know, fashion trend is a circle, this kind of design detail has already been popular about five years ago, and now it is back again.

Paisley Bandana Pattern Print Styles
As a classic fashion element, the Paisley bandana pattern has been existing for thousands of years, now, Jurllyshe has designed many wonderful collections with this timeless pattern, and endow more energy to the Paisley pattern’s infinity life.
Zara Dupes Clothes on Jurllyshe
If you are a fashionable girl who always wants the newest trend to full-filling your infinite wardrobe, come and have a look at Jurllyshe’s online store, you will find great Zara dupe clothes styles with good qualities and low price.
denim trend 2021
Wearing a pair of denim jeans can be the most casual style, its classic look will never be out of fashion. With this article, Jurllyshe will show you the latest denim trend in 2021 and some interesting knowledge of jeans.
How to Wear Stacked Sweatpants
Wearing a pair of stacked sweatpants is the smart way to show your great sense of fashion, let’s see how to wear stacked sweatpants right! “Stacked”, as a super hot element that has existed for decades, it always returns to the trend again and again.