Cheap Clothing Vendors-Jurllyshe Fashion Company

Apr.16, 2021

Cheap clothing vendors, like Jurllyshe, are the fashion companies as the others as well, but by taking the advantage of their great resources, suppliers, service, and so on, they can always provide better products at the lowest price.

Cheap Clothing Vendors

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Cheap clothing vendors

Every time when we mentioned “cheap”, people always will draw an equal sign between the “cheap” and “bad quality” in their minds. However, as one kind of fashion company of all the clothing vendors, there are still many cheap clothing stores that are as great as the traditional fashion stores, sometimes the qualities of the cheap clothing vendors are even more reliable than the other fashion brands.

Is Jurllyshe legit?

Yes, Jurllyshe is absolutely a legit online fashion brand that sells clothing online. The in-trend fashion clothes and human hair wigs are all can be found on Jurllyshe, such as the two piece pants set, sexy jumpsuit, and human hair headband wigs...... We receive this question nearly every day, many customers don’t trust us because the price of the clothes on Jurllyshe is very cheap, we have to explain it day by day patiently, but cheap can not be the evidence that points us as the illegal fashion store. So why Jurllyshe can be cheaper than the other brands like Zara, C&A, and Fashion Nova......?

Why can Jurllyshe be a cheap clothing vendor?

As for Jurllyshe, our clothing website, it is definitely one of the great cheap clothing vendors. And following are the reasons why can we keep the good quality at the lower price.

-Online fashion brand

To reduce the cost and offer cheap clothes, we only have the online store, so that helps us save a lot to rent a physical store, and that also helps us hire fewer employees, save more in transport...... We are not like Forever21 or H&M that has too many stores to run, which costs them a lot.

Cheap Clothing Vendors

-Own factories and better suppliers

Not like some fashion brands that only do the design and send the order to other factories to process, Jurllyshe has our own factories, so we can control the lowest cost of production. Besides, we also have some stable suppliers, they are the better factories from all over the world and selected by our strict buyers and designers so that we can keep the high-level quality all the time. Although Shine is also a cheap online fashion brand, most of their factories are from China, they know less about the other countries’ culture, which makes them always produce some embarrassing items, like the appalling Nazi-like swastika necklace, which will never be designed by Jurllyshe.

Cheap Clothing Vendors

-limited quantity

Since Jurllyshe has our own fashion factories, we can produce as many as we want, so there is always less inventory accumulation in Jurllyshe’s warehouse, how many products we sell, how many products we produce. We can say that we may the haute couture, like Gucci, Dior, or LV of the fast fashion. That is also really helpful to save money and control the quality.

Cheap Clothing Vendors

Jurllyshe is one of the cheap clothing vendors, and we believe that we can be the best in fast fashion and keep the cheapest price one day!


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