What You Should Know About The Types of Lace Wigs

Jun.18, 2020

Lace wig is one of our hottest topics because it makes us look more natural. They feature handmade high-quality wigs. They are made of synthetic hair and human hair.

They are so popular because they allow you to separate them wherever you want. They can also make you look natural, look natural, and can provide you with the instant and convenient appearance you want. You will immediately change the style to make it look perfect.

What You Should Know About The Types of Lace Wigs

Types of lace wigs according to lace size

Front lace wig

13x6 lace front wig

13x6 lace front wig

13x4 lace front wig

13x4 lace front wig

These lace front wigs are very popular today. You will find that most people like them because they give them different style choices. Therefore, for these types of wigs, you can wear a lace front cover from one ear to the other.

Then, this means you can create side profiles, middle profiles, and even pull all hair to the back.

Note that the front part of the wig is; therefore, hand-made rear parts are machined.

Therefore, you have several options in this category. 13x6 lace front, 13x4 lace front is currently the most popular version. Therefore, you can use artificial wigs or human hair wigs.

Therefore, when you want a longer life, always buy the best and highest quality lace wigs. If you choose high-quality products, you can color them and use them to get a more natural look.

360 lace wig

360 lace wig

Another popular lace wig is this kind of wig, mainly because it allows you to trim your hair and even tie it into a ponytail. Therefore, you should know that what they use to make lace is pure lace.

Basically, the hair band covers all parts of the hairline.

The lace front panel can provide you with hundreds of other styles, which will make the style easy to design. It can be easily managed.

If you use a 360 lace wig, you will feel as if your hair is growing out of your scalp.

Full lace wig

full lace wig

Although a little expensive, this lace wig looks like your natural hair. By name, the wig uses full lace, which means it covers all of your natural hair, making sure there are no visible strands of hair. 

The best part is that you can split it anywhere, while also making it easy to style. Hair is also easier to manage, and this style can also be set.

Usually, this hair can maintain perfect and high quality hair quality. It has a complete cuticle, which means it will maintain a shiny and smooth texture. The good news is that they are divided into large, medium and small.

Types of lace wigs according to length

Well, it also offers lace wigs of different lengths.

Bob Wig

bob wig

This is classified as a short wig. Of course, they are suitable for different styles and crowds at different times. You can use different textures, but it is the most natural type of appearance.

Long wig

Of course, in this category, we have medium length and very long wigs. If you are a celebrity, or you just like the appearance of celebrities, then this is your wig. They have different lengths and colors.

Types of lace wigs according to transparency

Transparent lace wig

transparent lace wig

Sometimes, it is easier to buy transparent lace, because if you need to match the scalp to the correct color, you can bleach it.

Please note that the wig uses the same lace as other lace wigs. The only difference is that it is transparent.

In most cases, the laces will be thin and look more like a natural scalp.

Ordinary lace wig

You will find that the color of ordinary lace is brown, which is suitable for most scalp colors. For this reason, make sure to pay attention to the hairline.

HD lace wig

HD lace wig belongs to a kind of transparent lace wig. Swiss lace is very soft, light, and delicate too. This type of wig has a more transparent base than a regular wig. One of the unique features of this wig is that it makes the hairline invisible. If you like wigs that make the hairline look real, you should use this wig.

According to wig style

It has body wave, straight wave, curly wave, kinky curly wave, water wave, deep wave, loose wave and so on.

The things you need to consider before buying a lace wig:

The color

Notice that the color of the wig is just as important. Do you like blonde, blue, black, or your natural skin tone colors? This is something you have to factor in.

Also, the lace base comes in different colors. Often it’s transparent or the shades of brown. Choose the color that’s closest to your scalp. It will make your work easy.

Where do you want it to part?

This you can mostly factor in if you have a lace front. It refers to the part you have that allows the hair to flow on the left-right or back.

You can have the middle-parting, side-parting, or free-parting. Often, it’s better to choose the free parting one because you can part the hair anywhere if you use it.

Check the hairline too

For this one, then we have the one style fits all. Nonetheless, if you like to make a hairline that’s like your natural hair, then you can custom order.

You will also have the baby hairs if you want. However, they can come all around the hairline if you want, or you can have them only at the front. So let us know when you are ordering the hair.

The texture

This is as important when you are going to buy the wig. You will decide whether you want the curly, wavy, or straight and all the other texture between.

Check the length

Just like any other wig you are choosing, you also have to know the length. Do you want short wigs? Bob size, pixie, or just medium short? Do you want long hair? We have them all at the hair theme. Choose the most appealing length you need.

The shape of your face

Although most people don’t think this point is necessary, it is. Other than the size of your head, not all shapes of the wigs will fit you. Choose the wig that you are sure will flatter your face shape. There’s always one for everyone, remember.

Of course, this factor is vital as it will help you know the length, color, and size that serves you best.

If you want to buy a lace wig, you should know the types of lace wig first. And then choose the proper lace wigs for yourself or others.