Why Every Girl Should Have A Two-Piece Outfit In Her Wardrobe In 2020

Jan.27, 2021

The two-piece outfit, also known as co-ord outfit, is currently one of the hottest fashion trends. Given its popularity, this fashion style is here to stay. A two-piece outfit comes in many types, including pants, short, dresses, crop tops, skirts, blazers, and off the shoulder tops.

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The two-piece outfit gives you an elegant and sophisticated look. No matter the style, this fashion trend requires less thinking when you want to get dressed, and you can dress up within a few minutes and achieve that fabulous look.

Two-piece outfit styles are endless from bohemian, vintage, sexy, casual, chic, and sophisticated. So you can easily find a perfect two piece set to match your personal fashion style. Moreover, there is a two-piece outfit for any type of specific occasion, whether it’s for dinner, outdoors, beach, etc.

The History Of The Two Piece Outfit

This popular fashion trend goes back to the early 1990s. But it has continued to develop over the years. The two piece set is also referred to as a timeless piece, etc. Now the two-piece set has become incredibly a popular fashion style among celebrities, fashion bloggers, and Instagram influencers. We have seen a number of celebrities like Taylor Swift wearing the two-piece set even on the red carpet. This outfit will make you look polished without putting much effort.

Why Is A Two-piece Outfit So Popular These Days

There are plenty of reasons why people love the two-piece outfit. One of the reasons is its versatility. When you buy the set, you get two new outfits in one purchase. You can wear the two-piece outfit together, or you can wear the top with a different bottom, maybe with jeans; and bottom can be worn with a different top, perhaps with a T-shirt.

Benefits Of Two Piece Outfits

Other than being versatile, there are other top benefits of two-piece outfits. These benefits include:

1. Mixing and matching

One of the most significant benefits of a two-piece outfit is that it allows you to mix and match your pieces with other clothes in your wardrobe. This can help you freshen up your wardrobe.

2. Affordable prices

It costs less to buy a two-piece outfit than buying a top and a pant or short separately.

3. Perfect color match

Matching top and pants is one of the most challenging tasks when it comes to fashion, but with the two-piece outfit, all the struggle is taken away since the shades of the two-piece outfit will be the same.

4. A simple fashion

Being stylish is not always easy. You don’t have to waste time in the morning trying to match an outfit. But with a two-piece outfit, it is very simple; you just put them on and head to wherever you are going.

5. Length isn’t a problem

When it comes to a two-piece outfit, you don’t have to worry about the torso being too long since the top and the bottom is not connected. You can wear the waist higher or lower, depending on your personal preference.

Types Of Two-piece Outfits

There plenty of two-piece outfits, including skirt and top set, short and top set, pant and top set, dress set, jumpsuit set, etc. Let’s look at some of the two-piece outfits.

1. Matching skirt and top set

matching skirt and top set

When you are thinking about choosing a two-piece outfit, the first thing that comes to your mind is a skirt and a top set. But there are plenty of styles to consider. If you want a classy and elegant look, you can pick a knee-length pencil skirt with a sophisticated back slot and long-sleeved crop-top with a high neck. You can complete the look with high-heeled strap sandals. You can also choose a fitted skirt with a long-sleeved crop top, paired with converse sneakers.

2. Short and top two-piece outfit

Short and top set

When it comes to choosing a two-piece set, a short set for women is also among the top ones to consider. Short and top outfits are the best option if you are looking for a casual look. If you want to spend your day at the beach, you can opt for boldly striped shorts paired with a camisole fop. The print two-piece is also very nice with made-to-fit border prints. You can also find shorts two-piece outfit that you can wear to the office. A pin-striped two-piece suit with tailored shorts and a matching blazer is formal for office wear.

3. Pants and top set

pants and top set

The traditional trouser suit is the forebear of the pants and top two-piece outfit. There are plenty of styles to suit everyone. If you want to achieve a simple look, a tailored pant and simple crop top are just perfect for you. You can try navy pants tailored with a front-tie crop top paired with beautiful sandals for an elegant look. For an evening party, a matchless enhancement of a delicate pink sleeveless top paired with palazzo-style pants with incredible slit detail at the front can give you a unique look.

4. Two-piece dress

Many people tend to associate two-piece dresses with only celebrities. But this isn’t the case. Two-piece dress set, especially the bandage dresses, fit perfectly in the right places. So if you have the figure and want to show it, a two-piece dress is perfect for you. You can pair them with sexy heels or thigh-high boots. This will help you achieve that elegant look. For accessories, you can go for the chokers to complete the look. For a beach look, you can pair your two-piece dress with flat sandals.

5. Wrapping up

A two-piece outfit has such a variety of unique materials, patterns, and silhouettes. Moreover, they are comfortable and look perfect on any kind of body type. They also offer versatility in an outfit.

Two-piece outfits for women will continue to be a hot fashion trend, and that’s not expected to change anytime soon. Whether you are looking for a short and top set, pant and crop top set, or a dress set, there is plenty of two-piece outfits you can choose.