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Feb.21, 2021

Travel Planning for Graduation

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I bet you’ll be super excited at least two months. Because you’ll be in summer vacation after high school. I am excited, too. Because I am bringing a crazy party dress haul.

specialized for you graduations, extra special graduation dress haul. 

So first up I'm gonna be showing you guys a bunch of ideas of what to wear to graduation or graduation parties, travels or anything. That's like formal and coming up if you guys don't really know what to order graduation, what you kind of like are vibing with or just depends on what type of ceremony your school has. or whatever or parties or anything. 

I love all the rest's I picked out. and I'm really excited to show you guys them. Though we get about 6 different occasions and I'm gonna be showing you guys each of them. And then deciding which event we are gonna wear which dresses.


So with the whole season coming up, are you excited now? 

1.For the first hot dress is this adorable party dress. It is super fashion and has the sequins on all the dress.

Metallic Halter Dress

JurllyShe Backless Sequins Sleeveless Halter Dress

JurllyShe Backless Sequins Sleeveless Halter Dress

Sexy Mini Dress

JurllyShe Suede Backless Halter Cami Dress

JurllyShe Suede Backless Halter Cami Dress

2.Enjoy your free time with one of the casual knit dresses, noise shall be calm down, all you feel is dignity.

 JurllyShe Sleeveless Asymmetrical Knitting Dress

JurllyShe Sleeveless Asymmetrical Knitting Dress

Technically as you guys know, we ended up graduating and we are gonna be doing all the celebrating. Parents are gonna throw you a party. the school's graduation where your boyfriend goes, and all your old friends. You are gonna be wearing a bunch of different dresses to the different events. 

3.Next, Black Mini Dress/Red Mini Dress For Dating With Friends, in a coffee shop to have a high tea, yummy dessert, and then go shopping through the mall in the city.

 JurllyShe Backless Sequins Sleeveless Halter DressJurllyShe Backless Sequins Sleeveless Halter Dress

JurllyShe Knot Shoulder Frill Trim Cami Dress


4. Well, these are for Travel Outfits Wear: See Through Lace Dresses.

JurllyShe Lace Hollow Out Scallop Hem Backless Dress

JurllyShe Lace Hollow Out Scallop Hem Backless Dress


Lace Dress With Sleeves

JurllyShe Lace Flare Sleeve Scallop Hem Slash Neck Dress

JurllyShe Lace Flare Sleeve Scallop Hem Slash Neck Dress


5. Finally, it’s time for Beach: Classic Boho Dress, it is a split kaftan dress with ornate print. It’s so flowy.

 JurllyShe Ornate Print Split Kaftan Dress

JurllyShe Ornate Print Split Kaftan Dress

6. Now, coming up is the most excited clothing for your graduate travel wear. It’s For Swim:

Bikini Set

 JurllyShe Ethnic Low-Cut Cross Straps Swimsuit  JurllyShe Lattice Printed Swimsuit

JurllyShe Ethnic Low-Cut Cross Straps Swimsuit       JurllyShe Lattice Printed Swimsuit

  JurllyShe High Cut Backless SwimsuitJurllyShe Two Peices Camo Printed Bra Sets 

JurllyShe High Cut Backless Swimsuit       JurllyShe Two Pieces Camo Printed Bra Sets

And sometimes, when we travel outside, one piece of long sleeve dress can keep us warm. There are recommendations:

JurllyShe Side Split Elastic Waist Stripe Dress

JurllyShe Side Split Elastic Waist Stripe Dress


We really excited all the dresses that I picked out are all from AfricanMall hot-dresses. Because AfricanMall just has the most beautiful dress selection and you can be any type of girl. you have every single style to fit every single style. 

So you can go for lace dresses, cami dresses, chiffon dresses, sequin dresses, t-shirt dresses, sexy mini dress. We have everything on African mall. And we have a full graduation section for the season. 

I am sure you guys got some ideas some inspire of what you can wear to graduation or graduation event. Which of these dresses is your favorite? Of course, I cannot show you these dresses without giving you a promo code. You guys can use the promo code that's on the TOP right now for BIG off of African Mall.

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