How Is a Puffer Jacket Born

Jul.19, 2021

As the winter is deeper day by day, the weather becomes colder and colder, from Jurllyshe database, we can also find that the sitewide bestseller is the shiny puffer jacket, it’s obvious that everyone is frozen worse by the horrible winter.

Puffer Jacket

So, a great puffer jacket is very necessary, it can not only keep warm for you but also enhance your personal appearance. If the place you live in is not so cold, wearing sexy crop tops inside the puffer jacket is also a good idea during winter. If there is a party, you can wear a sexy jumpsuit to match with puffer jackets. You may want to know how is my Jurllyshe puffer jacket made, and why it’s warmer than the other coats? This article will show you the birth of perfect Jurllyshe puffer jackets.

bestseller puffer jacket

Firstly, our designer should design the sketches of the puffer jackets by hand drawing or CAD according to the fashion trend, popular color and all kinds of fashionable elements, they should also draw the modeling effect pictures to check the scale of every little detail.

puffer jacket sketch

Then, it comes to pattern making, the pattern maker should create patterns according to the sketches of designers. Like all kinds of industries, if you want to make some products, you should always have the patterns of them, only if there are perfect patterns, can you produce the products successfully. As the following shows, you can see the clothing patterns, it’s kinda like the unfinished 3D model toys for children when the pieces are not disassembly from the board, actually, making a garment is just like playing the compages toys.


When prepared the patterns, then we should prepare the materials, including fabrics and accessories like zippers. For a puffer Jacket, it needs shell fabric, lining and courage cloth to fill the cotton filler. For our bestseller the shiny puffer jacket, we choose a cated fabric for its shell fabric to make it can resist wind and rain, and it’s also easy to clean. Then we will use the patterns to cut certain fabric to the right shapes. After that, we can sew the fabric pieces together, firstly we will sew the shell fabric and courage cloth, but will keep some gaps for filling cotton. After filling cotton, the gaps of seams will be sewn, and the shell fabric will be sewn with lining. Finally the accessories will be installed. So, a puffer jacket has been born.

Nearly all cheap clothes online you bought have a set of complex process, a simple garment may made by hundreds of designers and workers. To provide the fashionable and affordable clothes to all lovely girls, so you can find some matching sets in Jurllyshe are as cheap as a single garment. Jurllyshe focus on every process and control the quality strictly, all things we have done, are for our customers.

After roughly learn about how is a puffer jacket born, you must be shocked by it’s difficult technique, but don’t worry, Jurllyshe has already got every thing for you. Just do some click, the wonderful puffer jacket will be sent to your home!


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