How Long Does A Fake Scalp Wig Last?

Jun.18, 2020

How long does a fake scalp wig last? Generally, 100% human hair wigs can last 3-4 months, if you take good care of your human hair wigs, they can be used 6-12 months. People usually would rather to buy the fake scalp lace front human hair wig than synthetic lace wigs, because the fake scalp human hair wig has a longer lifespan. There are various of wig’s types, and how long does a fake scalp wig last is depends on some factors. Today we are going to talk about this how to extend the lifespan of fake scalp lace wig.

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*How long does a fake scalp wig last?

*How to extend the lifespan of fake scalp lace wig?

How Long Does A Fake Scalp Lace Wig Last?

Generally speaking, the fake scalp wigs usually can last 3-4 months. But here are some factors that will affect the lifespan of the fake scalp lace wig, please read the flowing factors so that you can know how to choose a fake scalp lace wig before buying one or how to maintain it after buying one.

1. Hair quality

The material for human hair wigs is essential for longevity. Virgin human hair with intact cuticle has a longer lifespan. However, Remy human hair without intact cuticle has a shorter lifespan than virgin human hair, which means it requires more careful care. Even the fake scalp wig is made of the same material, the grade of the hair is also make a great difference, usually, there are 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A, 10A and 12A hair, the higher grade, the higher quality. But, you should learn to know that how to distinguish the real grade. So, the lifespan of your fake scalp wig is depending on the hair quality.

2. Fake scalp wig lace material

The material of the fake scalp wig cap and the lace material are also very important. If the wig cap is not elastic and the tearing ability is weak, then the fake scalp human hair wig will not last very long. The Swiss lace is better than common lace. There are 13x6 fake scalp lace front wig and 13x4 fake scalp lace front wig.

3. Hair color and hairstyle

Darker colors and straight hair styles require less treatment, while lighter colors and curly hair require more processing. This will affect the lifespan of your fake scalp lace front human hair wig. Blond human hair wigs and ombre human hair wigs have shorter lifespan than natural black human hair wigs. And the straight fake scalp wig will be last longer than curly fake scalp lace front wig with the same treatment. After proper care, the treated hair can be easily maintained for 8-10 months, which is a good life span for wigs. 

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4. Fake scalp lace wig length

Whether your brushing hair off your face or detangling it, the friction on the fiber causes wear.

Long fake scalp lace human hair wigs will cause more friction, this will cause hair wear damage. That’s why your short human hair wigs always last longer than your long human hair wigs.

5. How often your wear your fake scalp wig

Fake scalp wig is the most easy wig, you don’t need to bleach the knots, pluck the hairline, wear it with glue, which means you do very less procession on it, and this will be help for its lifespan. But on the other hand, fake scalp wig is also called go-out wig, you can wear it easily and quickly, because of the easy-going with, you may wear or take off your fake scalp wig frequently.

As we all know, no matter which kind of wig, frequent use and washing can reduce the lifespan of wigs.

If you like to wear wigs for a long time, you can buy 2-3 different types of wigs according to your needs. It is best to wash your wig every three weeks instead of washing it often. Each cleaning will shorten the life of the wig.

6. Environmental factor

Other external factors may also affect the use time of human hair wigs, such as wet and dirty environments, greasy workplaces, external environments that are not conducive to our natural hair quality, and are not conducive to your original human hair wigs. Your wig needs to be cleaned frequently, so the life span of the wig will be shortened. Therefore, you should pay more attention.

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How to extend the lifespan of fake scalp lace wig?

The way you maintain your fake scalp wig

If you want to use the wig for a long time, you must pay attention to how to keep the wig. Wigs do not absorb oil and vitamins from the scalp like natural hair, and can rejuvenate hair after setting and daily life. Therefore, here are some tips and tricks to keep your wig in top condition.

When wigs are difficult to comb for a long time, please do not pull hard. Apply wig and comb.

1. When combing a long wig, divide it into several parts, and then comb from bottom to top. It must be light and patient.

2. You can't use a comb for curling. After each use, comb the curling area with your hands.

3. Do not comb the wig immediately after washing, you should wait for the wig to dry after combing. Use a special comb for wigs.

4. You can use plastic or foam model head to store the wig when you are not wearing a wig.

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How to wash your Fake scalp wig?

1. Before washing the wig, gently comb it to remove any tangles.

2. Prepare a bowl of warm water, add shampoo to the warm water and stir well.

3. Wash the wig with warm water. Do not stir the wig, otherwise it will cause kinks. Pat the wig in the water with your hands.

4. After washing, rinse the wig with water until the shampoo is clean.

5. Apply conditioner to the wig. Use your fingers to distribute the conditioner evenly on the wig. 6. Leave it on for 10 minutes to bring the hair into full contact with the conditioner. Rinse conditioner with water

6. Wrap the wig rinsed with a clean towel with a dry towel to allow the towel to absorb the moisture above the wig.

7.Leave the fake in a cool and ventilated place to dry it.