How Should Girls Wear Leopard Prints?

Feb.21, 2021

Miranda Kerr hot leopard print dress

Leopard prints are always associated with the words of autumn and winter, wild, sexy. But the character of the leopard can be more varied through different combinations.

Leopard print clothes are easy to wear out of the low-level. Occasionally, however, you can see the stunning leopard streetwear, even a large area of leopard print dress, leopard print coat. Isn't the advanced leopard print worn because of texture, hair color, and tailoring?

There are 3 points for the primary learner to match leopard prints:

1.Small Area Leopard Print

Don't wear it on a large scale, otherwise, it is easy to wear a barbarian

2.Good Texture of Fabric

The fabric of the leopard print must be good texture and cannot be cheap.

3.Simple Tailor Style

The style can not be too complicated, the tailor should be smooth.

The first style that is better to control is the minimalist style. In addition to leopard prints, other items are kept as black and white, neutral and neutral.

JurllyShe Leopard Print Spaghetti Sexy Strap Dress

Hot summer is coming, a leopard-printed spaghetti strap dress is sexy and textured. The fabric is full of high-quality silk satin or thick fabric leopard-strap dresses, both outer and innerwear available. You can GET leopard print simple side instantly!

JurllyShe Leopard Print Buckled Crop Top

Want to wear some girly, leopard-strap vest top with simple white shorts outfit, looks really cute and playful.

JurllyShe Faux Fur Leopard  Coat

The same routine in the fall, just changes the thin shirt into a sweater, warm and stylish. In the winter, the basic models of turtlenecks, tights, and high heels, with a tailored leopard-print coat, are not only good but also a woman's atmosphere.

JurllyShe Leopard Print Wide Leg Pants

The leopard-printed micro-pull pants are lively and lively and worth starting. With the CROP TOP of the sweetheart and the Martin boots of the rock girl, it is a little bit of sweetness and a little wild, it is really a girl who is unpredictable!

Leather Leopard Water Drop Design Charm Drop Earrings

The last method to control the leopard print is naturally a small area rule that is tried and tested! Just buy ultra-small items like leopard earrings, leopard bodysuits, tanks, etc., you are not afraid of leopard prints will be anti-customer, grab the whole style of the play.

Although the area of the leopard print is not too large as far as possible, if you have a high driving force, this rule can be broken.

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What is the relationship between leopard prints and the terms of sex, wildness, and power?

How do they relate to each other?

In fact, there are two main arguments.

It is believed that the leopard print is mainly from the male hunting psychology. In the primitive society, males hunting and preying are males, and large wild animals such as leopard lions and tigers are important targets for tribal men to pursue. In modern society, many people think that the relationship between men and women in love is closely related to the hunting psychology of men in primitive society, so most of the time men are in an active position to pursue women. And women are invisible in the role of "prey." At this time, the women wearing leopard prints are more like the seductive prey in the wild.

Another point of view is that the leopard print on women's clothing is actually a bold and active logo for women. Because of modern society, women must fight on the one hand and take care of family children on the other. This is very similar to a large animal such as the leopard lion tiger. It is necessary to go out and catch the sheep to eat back to feed their young children.

Sexual liberation promoted the new feminist movement, so the leopard pattern was promoted from a fashion element to a cultural symbol, becoming a symbol of independence and strength, and even being given a specific political proposition.

Finally, remind everyone to wear leopard print or fake fur, love the leopards! ! ! ! ! !