How To Bleach Knots On Lace Closures/Frontals?

May.27, 2021

Bleaching knots on lace closures/frontals can be an effective way to enhance the appearance of hairline and make your lace wig more natural. Bleaching knots may be quite different if you don’t have proper instructions, so we will put together a simple tutorial to show you how to bleach the knots.

How To Bleach Knots On Lace Closures/Frontals


* What Is “Bleaching Knots” Meaning?

* Should You Bleach The Knots?

* How To Bleach Knots on Lace Closures/Frontals?

* The Key Tips When Bleaching Knots

* FAQs About Bleaching Knots

What Is Bleaching Knots Meaning?

We have all heard about “bleaching knots” when it comes to frontals, closures, and lace wigs, but what dose that even mean?

When the hair strand is tied to a lace base closure or frontal, there is a dark knot where each strand is secured. The visible knots look very tiny seeds. Some people don’t mind the knots but many others can’t stand them. Then the “bleaching knot” come out. The closures or frontals are used to be made a wig with human hair weave.

How To Bleach Knots On Lace Closures/Frontals?


Should I Bleach The Knots?

If you have purchased a lace closure to complete your sew-in wig, and want to make it more natural, you should bleach the knots. Because bleaching or “lightening” these knots on your lace closure or frontal can reduce their visibility, and help make the hair wig appear as if it’s growing from your own scalp.

When you bleaching the knots, the hair opens its cuticle and removes the color in an irreversible chemical reaction. For off black and dark brown hair, the knots are lightened to light brown shade. Very light brown and blonde usually do not need bleached knots. It is very difficult to bleach the knots on jet black hair.

How To Bleach Knots On Lace Closures/Frontals?


How To Bleach Knots on Lace Closures/Frontals?

What you will need to bleach the knots on lace closures/frontals?

* Hair Bleach;

* Developer (Volume 20ml to 30ml);

* Aluminum Foil;

* Mixing Brush;

* Mixing Bowl;

* Gloves;

* Neutralizing Shampoo;

* Conditioner;

* Your Closure/Frontal/Lace Wig.

How To Bleach Knots On Lace Closures/Frontals?


After everything is prepared, following the below steps to bleach your lace closure/frontal or lace wig.

Step 1: Turn either your lace closure, lace frontal or lace wigs inside out and pin it down to a Mannequine Head. And if your closure comes with baby hairs, pin them down with clips to make sure they are out of the way.

Step 2: Mix bleach powder and professional developer in a mixing bowl in equal proportion. Be sure to stir thoroughly until you achieve the desired consistency, or until there are no lumps in the bowl.

Step 3:Using the mixing brush, gently apply the bleach to the lace. Ensure you are bleaching all of the knots. Once you’re done applying the bleach, wrap the lace closure/frontal in the aluminum foil.

how to bleach knots on lace closure/frontal

Step 4: Make sure you keep the bleach on until the knots on the 4x4 Lace closure or 13x4 ear to ear lace frontal aren’t noticeable anymore. Check your closure/frontal every 5 minutes. It is very important to wait until your closure becomes blonde, or you will have a brassy lace closure.

Step 5: Rinse the closure upside down quickly to avoid getting mixture onto the hair. Continue rinsing the lace until all of the bleach is off.

Step 6: After rinsing the mixture on the closure out, wash it with a neutralizing shampoo to stop the chemical processing. Leave shampoo on closure for 5 to 10 minutes, then wash clean and rinse off. 

Step 7: Let your closures/lace wigs air dry. If you're in a rush, you can blow dry with low temperature, but it's best to let your hair air dry after a chemical process to avoid damage.

bleaching knots before and after

The Key Tips When Bleaching Knots

* Do not oversaturate the closure with too much bleach, because it may also accidentally bleach the hair.

* Make sure to choose the right developer volume-we recommend using volumes of 20 to 30.

* The bleach mixture must be truly dense and not loose.

* Before you start bleaching the closure, make sure that all baby hair is brushed or secured.

* Make sure to use enough bleach to cover all knots.

* Leave bleach on until it turns honey golden, then rinse it off.

* Wash the lace closure with a neutral shampoo to stop the chemicals in the bleach.

FAQs About Bleaching Knots

1. How long should I bleach my knots?

We do suggest that you use 20 or 30 volume developers. We don't recommend that you use a 40-volume developer, especially if you plan to bleach the knots for the first time because it will process faster.

You can check the lace closure very 5-7 minutes and it may need about 20-25 minutes if you use the 30 volume developer. THIS CAN VARY BASED ON PRODUCTS! Most people use 30 volume developer; if you use 20 volume, it could take longer; if you use 40 volume it could process quicker.

How To Bleach Knots On Lace Closures/Frontals?


2. Does bleaching knots cause shedding?

The darker the hair, the harder it is to completely bleach it. In fact, we do not recommend bleaching dark hair knots into gold, we recommend that you lighten the knots one or two steps. Bleaching hair from dark to very light will inevitably lead to rapid, excessive hair loss. In high-density systems, each knot has multiple hairs and it is almost impossible to bleach. 

So, if you make the right process, it won’t cause shedding. 

If you don’t want to sew the human hair with closure into a wig, we also have human hair wigs for sale online store. All the above steps and tips of leaching knots on lace closure/frontal are suitble for human hair lace wigs.