How To Blend Hair Weave Bundles With Your Natural Hair?

Jun.21, 2020

How to blend your natural hair with hair weave so that make the weave hair look natural? Some women like to wear wigs, but there are many other women prefer to leave out a portion of their own hair, because it can add versatility and a more realistic look.

How To Blend Hair Weave Bundles With Your Natural Hair

If you want to use the blending style of weave hair, you’d better make sure you use the same texture and color of weave as your natural hair. If not, you will need some level of blending for a perfect fit. Today we are going to talk about how to blend natural hair with hair weave.

How To Blend The Straight Hair Weave With Your Natural Hair?

If you want a straight hairstyle, you can order straight hair bundles. According to the hair type you have, most people will use flat iron to make your own natural hair straighten.

The truth about silk straight hair is that you will need heating tools to achieve this look. I highly recommend spraying the heat protectant on the residue and let it dry for a while. Then apply a thin layer of oil to reduce the friction of the flat iron as it slides over the hair. Even though, it will hurt your natural hair after over-using the heat.

You don't want to do this too often, so seal the straightened leave-out with a small drop of oil and wipe it off-use a hair dryer with medium heat for daily maintenance and make sure to wrap it while you sleep.

If you can't be bothered by all these things, then do what someone else does and get a lace closure, frontal or wigs.

The best straight weave for natural hair

The most important thing of how your hair will blend with the weave is the hair texture you choose. And the virgin hair weave is the hardest to blend. Most women will choose the straight weave for blending natural hair.

straight hair weave

How To Blend The Wavy Hair Weave With Your Natural Hair?

The same rules for blending with curly weaving will apply to blending with wavy weave, but the only difference with way weave is that the longer time the hair gets, the curl pattern tends to loosens up or become straighter. Therefore, all you have to do is make sure that natural hair also loosens up the longer the hair gets. As shown above, you need to pay attention to this when braiding or twisting your hair. In this case, it is highly recommended to blow dry the hair first.

The best wavy weave for natural hair

Body wave hair and water wave hair are the best wavy weave for natural hair. 

body wave hair

Body Wave Hair

water wave hair

Water Wave Hair

How To Blend The Curly Hair Weave With Your Natural Hair?

If you want to blend curly hair weave with your natural hair, make sure to keep the hair moisturized. Hair should remain soft. Use hair sprays that condition your hair to make them feel healthy.

When you go to bed, braid in the direction you want your curls to fall. Some people even twist their hair to blend into hair extensions. Please note that this only works if the hair is naturally curly.

After braiding, spray water on your hair and cover it with a satin scarf. Obviously, when you wake up in the morning, your hair looks much like the original hair extension.

This is even more effective if you remember to straighten your hair first and make the braids and braids smaller.

The best curly weave for natural hair

For the curly weave hair, it’s way easy to blend it if you have naturally curly hair. With the curly weave, you can have different levels of curls. It Imitates the natural curly style of afro hair.

curly hair weave

Remember, when you are mixing without leaving hair, you should only leave a little hair

If you want straight hair: Make sure you have straight or near straight hair. If not, then you should have relaxed hair. This makes it easy to blend hair with hair bundles.

For curly hair: Some people use hair curlers to style their hair, but the effect is not as good as using interlocking technology. Just remember to twist the extension's hair loosely. Especially at night, twist your hair before going to bed.

Curls: For this, you should use a perm stick and curl lotion. Remember to comb your hair every night to make sure the curls stay in place.

Tips For Perfectly Blending Your Natural Hair With Hair Weave

1. Tame your edges

Having a smooth hairline is like adding icing on the weave. It makes your hair brighter, more professional and can even cover the marks around your head. Today, edge smoothing, control and smoothing products are very popular, so we recommend that you find a product that works well for you

2. Twist or braid at night

There is nothing worse than seeing your hair extensions beautifully attached to your head – the waves and curls pop out, just to let your natural hair sit on top like a mouse's den! Try twisting or weaving your hair at night, tangling your hair with your hair extension so that the two textures blend together seamlessly when you eliminate the twist the next morning.

3. Control fly-aways

Newborn hair is prone to curl on humidity, which makes the separation of hairline and natural hair more obvious. Try using silicone-based brighteners to help soften the texture and prevent humidity from causing frizz. Also, gently rub the edge product on the top of the hair removal to help the hair lay well.

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