4+ Ways About How To Wear Crop Tops-JurllyShe

Jul.19, 2021

A crop top is a piece of clothing smaller in length than that of the full-length outfits. It usually reaches only until the middle of the rib or the waistline. Like full-length outfits, crop tops can also be with short sleeves, long sleeves, or sleeveless at all, etc.

Eveyone can wear crop tops if you choose the right one, no matter what shapes and sizes your are. Crop tops have also been the latest and the hottest fashion trends today.

Speaking of experimenting on different fashion styles in wearing crop tops, there are 4 very fashionable ways on how to wear crop tops.

How To Choose The Right Crop Top Style

1. Choose A Crop Top With Right Length.

Some crop tops fall to just below the bra-line, while others stop right above the belly button. Longer crop tops can cover most of the belly and just leave a small strip of skin above your waistband. Paired with the right bottoms, any length can suit just about any occasion and body type, so go with whatever makes you feel most comfortable.

2. Make Right Crop Tops And Bottoms

A tight crop top will look best with a looser pair of pants or skirt, although it can be paired with a tighter bottom if you’re planning a night out. More relaxed, loose t-shirt or tank styles pair nicely with high-waisted jeans or shorts for more casual or edgy looks.

How To Wear Crop Tops?

1. Choose A Relaxed Tank Top or Crop Top Tee. 

Tank Top or Crop Top

Go for a solid, striped, or graphic design with a loose fit that either hangs straight or tapers around your waistline.

2. Pair Crop Tops With High-Waisted Shorts

Crop Tops with high-waisted shorts

The loose crop top skims over your tummy while the shorts accentuate your waist for a casual but figure-flattering look. You can tailor the waistline of your shorts based on how much skin you want to show. A high-waisted pair with a loose, longer crop top could cover your whole torso, while a shorter top and lower-riding shorts could reveal a strip of skin.

3. Pair Crop Tops With Skirt Style

Crop Tops With Skirt Style

Crop tops are not only exclusively worn with high waist pants. They can also be worn with any types of skirts. One, crop tops also look better when worn with A-line skirts that are also high waist, to have a more sophisticated and sexy look. You can also wear matching crop top and skirt for a unique kind of fashion, but not losing that sexy look. Crop tops are also best worn with long, flowing skirts, especially if you are going to attend formal gatherings.

4. Crop Top Overalls Style

Crop Top Overalls Style

Crop tops are very fashionable when they are worn under an overall. Wearing full length outfits under overalls can be too much, especially during a summer day. Since crop tops don’t cover your whole body, even if you are wearing overalls, you can still keep yourself cool.

Plus, overalls can cover your tummy, if you don’t want to expose skin in public. It’s just enough to give a sneak peek of your flawless skin, but good enough to walk down the streets or spend a lazy day at home in fashion.

Remember that wearing a crop top is not only wearing fashion, but also wearing beauty underneath. Always project a straight body posture as it would not only make you look sexy and sophisticated in that outfit but will also make you look confident.

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