4 Tips for Choosing The Perfect Elegant Dresses

Jun.18, 2020

Every women should own all kinds of fashion dresses, no matter the casual dresses, party dresses, Cocktail dresses, elegant dress, cute dresses or sexy dresses. Because each kind of the dresses is suitable for the proper occasions. There are so many styles of women dresses, today we are going to talk about how to choose the perfect elegant dresses.

Whether a formal party or an informal party, the cocktail party is a very important social event. Company party require formal dress. However, you can attend your friends cocktail party with formal or informal dress. If you are gonging to a cocktail party, here are some tips for choosing the perfect elegant dress.

JurllyShe Backless Lace Up Bodycon Dress

4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Elegant Dresses

1. Consider Your Figure

Elegant dresses come in various styles. Some are off-the-shoulder, some are backless, others are strapless. Everyone want to show off at the best status. You should know your body-shape first. You should remember that the dress you will wear should make your figure slimmer.

Tall girls are usually suitable for short cocktail dresses; it will show off your beautiful legs. However, short girls need longer dresses that can cover their legs and high waist to enhance the legging length, and tea length or full length cocktail dresses are also good choice for short girls. But make sure that wearing a long skirt does not make you out of the party. When choosing a flattering dress, you should consider bust, waist and bottom. Busty girls are great for wearing plunge neckline dresses; one-shoulder dresses are ideal for small bust girls.

JurllyShe Solid Cami Bodycon Dress

2. Choosing Right Color

The color of the elegant dress is one of the most important tips to consider. The cocktail elegant dresses are always designed in a single pure color. You should know that the color of the dresses will ultimately determine what shoes, handbags and jewelry you need to wear. For example, You can’t wear a black dress with brown boots or shoes because this is a big fashion no-no. If you can’t decide which color to choose, the little black dress is never going wrong except a wedding party.

3. Consider Size and Fit

Too small size will make you suffocate, and too loose size will make you look sloppy. You should choose a dress that highlights your curves and covers up the shortcoming. If you have a long and toned arms or shoulders, then a off the shoulder dress is the great. If you want to cover your fat waist, then choose a dress with a belt or any details that can draw attention away from your waist.

JurllyShe Fashion Sexy Fringe Dress

 4. Know Your Budget

Finally, you need to know how much you can spend on such a dress. Because you can usually wear this kind of elegant on many occasions, generally speaking, it is worth the investment and splurge. If you buy a dress made of more elastic materials, then you can expect it to wear for many years.

If your budget is limited, JurllyShe offers women dresses under $40. You can opt one for your special occasions.

After choose the perfect elegant cocktail dress, simply pair it with heels and clutch to fit the dress code. If you are worried about being over-dressed, you can choose flat sandals and fluffy hair to give the dress a relaxing finishing touch. If you want to look more dressed-up in a short period of time, you can always bring a hairband and throw up your hair into a bun, so that you can have a quick formal twist.

JurllyShe offers a selection of the party dress, vacation dress, formal dress and elegant dress. We have listed some tips on how to choose the perfect elegant dress for a cocktail dress. Hope you can find a perfect one and show off your best charming figure.