Transparent Lace Wigs Vs Fake Scalp Wigs, Which One Is Better?

May.28, 2021

Fake scalp wigs and transparent lace wigs are the most two popular wig styles of human hair wigs. They have greatly improved women’s appearance, especially for black women. But which one is better? Transparent lace wigs or fake scalp wigs? How do i choose?

how do i choose Transparent Lace Wigs Vs Fake Scalp Wigs

1. What Is A Transparent Lace Wig?

Transparent lace front wig means a wig sewn in a lace frontal with 3 or 4 bundles weave hair. It uses a transparent lace that is undetectable and invisible lace. Each hair strand is knotted into transparent lace hole by hand, creating the illusion of natural looking hairline. Africanmall has 13x4 and 13x6 transparent lace frontal wig, it all depends your needs.

A Transparent Lace Wig

The benefits of the transparent lace frontal wig

* Matches skin complexions without bleaching the material

* Does not have to be plucked

* A great option for beginners

* Offers the most natural look when compared to regular lace frontal wig

* Breathable material

* Offers great flexibility

When you need a transparent lace frontal wig?

Transparent lace wig allows the material to blend easily into your scalp and skin. Just with a little makeup, it is easily undetectable from the public eye, so it also called undetectable transparent lace wig. Also, a great choice is to bleach according to your skin tone so that it look seamless while wearing it. If you need high melted with your skin, you can choose it.

This undetectable transparent lace wig is very popular for black women, it’s really worth trying.

Africanmall Hairstyles of Transparent Lace Frontal Wig

(1). 13*6 Transparent Lace Frontal Wigs 180% Density Jerry Curly Remy Hair

Transparent Lace Wigs Vs Fake Scalp Wigs, Which One Is Better?


(2). 180% Density Body Wave Human Hair 13x6 Transparent Lace Front Wigs For Women

Transparent Lace Wigs Vs Fake Scalp Wigs, Which One Is Better?


(3). 13x6 Transparent Lace Front Wig Straight Remy Hair 180% Density human hair wig With Baby Hair

Transparent Lace Wigs Vs Fake Scalp Wigs, Which One Is Better?


Transparent lace wigs review:

M****p said : I ordered my hair Tuesday & received it on Saturday. (22inches/180 Density) The seller was very nice & kept me updated with my order. I really love the hair. It's so soft!! I really recommend it. And it bleached really well. Overall, pleasantly surprised and happy and will consider buying more. To Seller: Please dont change the quality or anything that impacts customer satisfaction. Thank you.

K***r said: This wig is amazing, the lace is nice, transparent and thin. I ordered it in 22 inches, I’m 5’5 and the hair stops right by my hips Straightened. The seller is great, kept me updated on everything. Also super fast shipping, I ordered the hair on Saturday and it came on Wednesday. I also beach this hair twice and it still feels really soft. Overall this hair is amazing and I would recommend it.

2. What Is A Fake Scalp Wig?

When wearing human hair wigs, the most important thing is how to make the wigs look natural and easy applying. Then a new design wig-fake scalp lace wig, has rocked in our life.

What is fake scalp wig?--- Fake scalp wigs is also called pre-made bald cap wig that comes with a fake scalp constructed. With this fake scalp wig or fake bald wig, you don’t have to wear a wig cap, to do cornrows, to do bald cap or fake scalp. The fake scalp method perfectly teams up with the bleached knots to provide the most natural skin separation.

The hairline is pre-plucked to be natural, the elastic band is also pre-sewed for you to make the wig more secure. So you can do hairstyle by it as your own hair and parted it in any direction. This is the ultimate wig that you can put on the head and step out the door at once.

Fake Scalp Wig

The features of fake scalp lace wigs: 

100% human hair, undetectable lace, pre-bleached knots, pre-plucked hairline(no tweezing needed), no bald cap/stocking wig cap needed, no glue no cornrows needed, ponytail/braid/bun you need.

When you need a fake scalp wig?

When you don’t want to wear an extra wig cap between a wig and your natural hair. Or if you prefer to take off your wigs every night, it’s more convenient than taking off both a wig and a stocking cap.

Fake scalp wig is really effective according to YouTube’s hair experts, especially for those who suffer from the appearance of any wig camouflage: unnatural hairline, unmelted lace.

Don’t miss it!

Africanmall Hairstyles of Fake Scalp Wig

(1). Fake Scalp Wig 13x4 Jerry Curly Hair Wig 150% Density Lace Front Wigs For Black Women

Transparent Lace Wigs Vs Fake Scalp Wigs, Which One Is Better?


(2). Fake Scalp Straight Wig 13x4 Lace Front Invisible Knot Wig 150% Density Remy Hair

straight Fake Scalp Wig


(3). 150% Density Fake Scalp Wig Invisible 13X6 Lace Front Human Hair Wig

Transparent Lace Wigs Vs Fake Scalp Wigs, Which One Is Better?


Fake scalp wig review:

D***n said: the fake scalp wig was perfect i didn't even have to do much to it all i did was tint the the picture's the wig Wasn't even glued Down l. the seller was in contact with me through the whole process and answered all my questions.The hair only took 3 days to get to me.

M***t said: This hair is very soft got a lot of compliments on how natural it looked lace blended very well and is very soft after you washed it definitely would recommend this hair to everyone this is 16 inch the wavy are really nice. This wig is very beautiful, I appreciate the the fake scalp seems more undetected than most lace fronts on aliexpress and vendor is very nice and polite

Transparent Lace Wigs Vs Fake Scalp Wigs, Which One Is Better?

Both transparent lace wigs and fake scalp wigs are very popular this year, which one it better? It all depends on your needs, for some people, transparent lace frontal wigs are better, but for some others, fake scalp wigs are better----and vice versa.

We have give the definition and features of undetectable transparent lace wigs and fake scalp lace front wig, both of them are good choice that can make a very natural hairline and appearance. Choose what you really need, or if you want be fashion beauty, you can try them both. Believe me, you won’t want to miss them.

Transparent Lace Wigs Vs Fake Scalp Wigs, Which One Is Better?


Where to buy real human hair wigs?

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