How To Dye A Synthetic Wig?(Two Methods)

Dec.22, 2019

How to dye a synthetic wig? When you purchase a synthetic wig, it can be said a fashion statement. You can choose the colors you like. However, what if you couldn’t find the colors you need? Or you just want to switch your old wig to a new color. How to dye a synthetic wig will be your next question.

How To Dye A Synthetic Wig

Many women like to wear wigs for beauty, which has been a fashion trend. Human hair wigs are the most popular for customers, because its high-quality made from 100 human hair. But not everyone can afford human hair wigs. Then cheap synthetic wigs would be another choice. Today we are going to talk about can you dye your synthetic wig? And how to dye it?

Can You Dye Synthetic Hair Wig?

In fact, we don’t recommend dying synthetic wigs. Dying synthetic lace front wig is a complicate process, you may damage the wig cap and synthetic hair strand. The best option is to choose the right color when you buy the synthetic wig. Keep in mind that high-quality synthetic wigs usually last for 6 months. Then you need to replace it. If you really want to dye it, remember that common hair dyes should not be used on synthetic wigs.

How To Dye A Synthetic Wig?

Dyeing synthetic wigs requires a different approach with dyeing human hair. Human hair contains pigments, while synthetic wigs do not. Hair dye is made for real human hair not synthetic hair, no matter which dying method or technology, synthetic hair must be light-colored for good effects.

Since you cannot bleach synthetic hair, it’s color must lighter than that you want to dye. This means white, silver, gold and pastel colors will work best.

Method One: Use Acrylic Ink and Alcohol.

1. Mix your DIY synthetic hair dye. Pour the acrylic ink into a spray bottle and add some alcohol. The amount of alcohol depends on how light the color you want. If you want a lighter color, use more alcohol to dilute the ink.

2. Wear gloves to keep your hands clean, then spraying the DIY hair dye on the wig. Make sure the DIY synthetic hair dye move into where you want to color. Move your hair everywhere so that it's not just the top layer of your hair

3. Start brushing the dye through with a comb to make sure it's dyed on all hair, all layers, front and back, roots and everywhere.

4. Wait for about 20-30 minutes.

Method Two: Sharpies Dye

For this method, you will need a sharpener, alcohol, pliers, knives, spray bottles and gloves.

1. Mix the alcohol with ink from a sharp pen or other alcohol-based ink.

2. Gently dip one of the flat edges of the sponge into the ink, making sure that the right amount of sponge has been absorbed

3. With the forefinger and middle finger of the less dominant hand, starting directly from the separate roots, lift a hair width of about 2 inches.

4. Place the edge of the inked sponge over the root of the grip and slowly slide the sponge and fingers towards you

5. When you reach the end of your hair length, use your thumb to gradually face the ground while gently moving your fingers away from your wrists while keeping your fingers in place.

6. Repeat the process until dying the entire wig.

Dry and Wash. After applying the DIY hair dye to the wig, air-dry the synthetic wig at least 1 hour. Sometimes it may take longer depending on the thickness and length of the synthetic wig.

Although there are ways to dye synthetic hair and make it look more natural and fresher, it will never replace real human hair. 100% real human hair wigs look beautiful, feel good, can last a long time, and are not easily damaged. 

When using synthetic hair wig, quickly look shabby and damaged, couldn’t use common hair dye. But whatever, it’s your choice.

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