How To Dye Human Hair Wigs At Home By Yourself?

Jun.21, 2020

Human hair wigs are an expensive investment because of its high quality. Many women may want to change the wig color after wearing it a period of time. It’s usually very expensive to visit hair salon. But how to dye human hair wigs by yourself at home? Below are some basic precautions while dying a human hair wig.

how to dye human hair wig

Can You Dye Your Human Hair Wigs?

The answer is of course “Yes!”. You can do anything with the virgin human hair wigs that you do to your natural hair, which includes dying, cutting, heat styling and chemically process. Because the virgin hair is very porous and will absorb the color better when compared with other types of hair. You should buy the good quality human hair wig that will take color very well and have less issues.

dyed wig

How To Dye Human Hair Wigs By Yourself At Home?

Before dying a human hair wig, please deepen the hair first, and then dye a piece of hair for testing, if the hair take the color good with no issue, then you can dye the whole hair wig.

1. Wash wigs to remove styling products

Wash the human hair wig first to remove the the styling products before dying it. Do not apply too much force during shampooing. Do not apply conditioner or styling product to the conditioner before coloring. Let it dry completely before painting.

2. Tint the wig

Use a T-needle to attach the clean, dry wig to the wig's head. Comb through the wig to remove tangles. The best way to color your wig is to place it flat on a solid surface. Lay it flat to distribute the colorant and product evenly.

3. Mix the dye and the developer in a plastic bowl.

You should wear a pair of gloves before mix the dye. Read the instructions on the dye to see how much dye you should mixed with the developer. Mix with a plastic spoon. If the dye looks a little light, don’t worry. It will darken over time.

Tips: 20 volume of developer allows you to change the color by one or two shades, while 30 volume of developer allows you to make your hair darker, while the lower volume may be too weak. In most cases, a 20-volume developer is sufficient.

4. Apply the hair dye on the whole wig.

If the test is fine. Then apply and sock the dye on the whole wig. Make sure all hair is completely covered. Keep color away from wig roots and wig caps.

5. Leave the wig to let the color set.

Read the package on the dye to see how long it should be kept. In most cases, this will be twenty or thirty or minutes. If you can’t find this information, check the wig every ten minutes. When it has reached the right color, you can wash it. Normally it needs no more than 1 hour.

6. Wash the wig.

Use a color-safe shampoo or a special wig shampoo to wash it in warm water, and then apply conditioner to give extra shine to the wig. Rinse thoroughly.

7. Make the hair dry with a towel.

Gently pinch the wig with a towel to remove excess moisture. Put it back on the wig stand to dry.

8. Let the wig air-dry or low-setting hair dryer

You can leave the wig on the stand and make it air-dry until it’s completely dry. Or use low-setting hair dyer up and down through your wig.

The Video of how to color the human hair wig:

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