How To Find The Right Romper For Your Body Shape

Sep.15, 2019

When you are searching “rompers” on google, there are various shapes and styles, so finding the right one that fits your body-shape might be a bit challenging. Rompers are multifunctionality pieces that you can dress up and down, depending on the occasion and your mood.

How To Find The Right Romper For Your Body Shape

However, how do you know which one fits your body type best? With various colors, styles, lengths, sleeves, patterns, and of course purposes as well, it’s definitlly a challenging. But no worry, we will give you some guidance for your body shape.

Keep Knowing Your Body Shape

Each body shape has the proper romper. You should know your body shape type and pick a right type of the ropmers.

Pear Shape Type

The back and hips of the pear shape are significantly larger than the chest and shoulder areas. The pear figure needs to wear a summer romper that show more details in the upper part of the dress. This will pull your attention away from the curved hips and thighs, and even eliminate the appearance of the body.

What you need to do is find a romper that will catch your upper body.

*Choose a romper with puff sleeves to make your shoulders look wider.

*You can also choose an off-the-shoulder style of romper and jumpsuit that draws attention to your sexy figure.

*Your chest line should be highlighted.

*To make your body look longer, consider using pointed shoes to stretch your legs. But keep the ankle straps. 

Apple Shape Type

Women with an apple shape tend to have a wider waist than the hips. It seems that the abdomen is "heavier" around.

*Choose a jumpsuit that tightens your waistline, clearly define your waistline, and draw attention to your sexy chest or well-proportioned legs.

*Picking a V-neck can make your chest area look more visible, creating the illusion of a longer torso.

* You can also choose a strapless jumpsuit or a model with a few details or hem at the top.

Hourglass Type

The hourglass type is the most perfect body. This body is characterized by a full bust and buttocks, but a thin waistline. Any neckline romper is perfect for an hourglass body, as long as you highlight your small waist and sexy hips, and avoid adding a lot of detail to the top area to make the bust bigger.

Pick The Suitable Fabric.

No matter which size you are, which suit is suitable for you, choose the right comfortable fabric. For the current weather, Velvet is a great choice for a regular or outing. Soft to the touch and smooth to the touch. Africanmall's latest velvet outfits, you can find out.

The lace fabric romper looks very sexy. Polyester is also a good choice because it is very wear-resistant. If you need a romper that you wear every day, polyester fabric is a good choice and comfortable to wear.