How To Keep Your Human Hair Wigs Tangle Free?

Jun.21, 2020

How to keep your human hair wig tangle free is a frequently question. Whether you wear a wig every day or keep a certain style for special occasions, human hair wigs usually get knots, just like our own hair. If you bought a high quality virgin human hair wig, it may be better, but tangles will always come out. With proper hair products and patience, you can bring your tangled wig back to life and maintain the longevity of it as well. 

keeping human hair wigs tangle free

We’ve listed some tips and tricks to help you detangle any weave unit, not only the various textures of human hair wigs, such as curly human hair wig, deep wave wig, body wave wig etc, or the wigs made with closure weave. Read further for keeping your human hair wig tangle free.

How To Keep Your Human Hair Wigs Tangle Free?

1. Soak and wash your wig first

Before you start doing anything for all of you, you need to make sure you soak it in a warm water bath. Experience and time and time again show that wet hair is more prone to tangling. After you have your hair in the water for about 5 to 10 minutes, you want to make sure that the excess moisture on the wig is wrung out and put it back on the wig head. In particular, if the wig is already dirty, you can continue to add a few drops of shampoo. If you do this, make sure to rinse your wig with water before you start combing.

long human hair wig

2. Condition your wig

Repeat the process with a good wig conditioner and you will find the tangles are loose. I know that everyone has elaborated on the need for conditioner as part of your daily wig care routine, but that's not enough. Thoroughly cleaned and conditioned hair is silky smooth and not tangled, especially when your human wig is close to straight hair. With proper conditioning, curls and curly hairstyles prevent tangles, even with thick wavy shapes. One of the functions of a good conditioner is to smooth the dry epidermis layer. The smooth epidermis does not catch adjacent hair strands.

What I want to say is that at least 7 of the 10 women I see every day don't wear wigs properly or use the right conditioner. No matter how often you wash your wig, you should better condition your stylish human hair wigs every day, not just using rinse conditioner.

3. Brush your wig.

Now you are going to use a wide tooth comb and start to gradually clear all knots from the root to the tip. Depending on the length of the human wig, this process may take an hour, but this is where we need patience. You will most likely not spend more than 30 minutes to ensure that all knots are eliminated. You don't want to worry about this process. It's important to be very careful, because you don't want to drag the way, because this only makes the tangle worse.

curly human hair wig

4. Let the wig air-dry

It is good to let your wig air dry for several hours. What I usually do is put the device on top of the wig and give it time to dry naturally. As time goes by, I will often check it and give people a wig to comb it gently. Within 2 hours, your wig should be completely dry. If you're in a hurry, using a hair dryer is optional, just make sure it's at a very low or low temperature. You need to use this method with caution, as wigs are easily damaged when exposed to high temperatures. I believe that for best results, you want your wig to air dry.

5. Place your wig on a stand

It is very important to distribute fake human hair on the shelf, which will make combing easier from beginning to end. These skills are also important if combing very long units. If you don't have or don't have a wig head or tripod, you can simply distribute the fake on the counter or table.

Take care of your human hair wig

No matter how you treat your human wig, you should treat it like a baby. Be delicate, be patient, and most importantly compromise. Once you learn and follow some simple tips to organize your messy hair, your life will become more manageable. Being able to mess up your hair is a great way to keep your wigs fresh for a long time. No one wants you to spend a lot of money on real human wigs, but mess up and tangle them the next day. Be careful with your hair and I promise it will smile at you. Do you have any tips or tricks to mess up a human wig?

straight human hair wig

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