How To Make Your Human Hair Wig Back To Life

Jun.21, 2020

Women like to wear wigs for long and volume outlook. And the human hair wigs become the most popular for black women. But you may find that the wigs will become tangled and dry after a period of time. Today we are going to take about how to make your human hair wigs back to life.

how to make your human hair wig soft again

Why does human hair become dry and tangled?

No one likes a head full of hair. We must first figure out why our hair is knotted. Make a certain response based on the corresponding reasons.

Human hair wigs become dry and messy because hair does not grow naturally from the scalp. Another major cause is damaged epidermis.

1. Lack of natural oil

Hair does not grow from the scalp and therefore loses natural oil. Hair that loses natural oils will slowly become dry and tangled

2. Cuticle damage

Damaged cuticles can cause tangles and dry hair. Healthy cuticles are smooth and closed, and open cuticles entangle with each other, resulting in tangled hair.

These multiple factors cause damage to the epidermis.


Frequent use of hot tools (hair dryer, straightener, curling iron) can damage hair. Excessive exposure to sunlight may have the same destructive effect. Wear a hat or headband outdoors for a long time.


The corrosive nature of chemicals can damage the epidermis. Bleaches and hair dyes corrode the stratum corneum. Although Africanmall virgin hair can be dyed, we still do not recommend customers to dye wigs. You can buy wigs with different hair colors according to your preference.

Lack of moisture:

If you get tangled easily, always moisturize your hair. The absence of moisture in the bristles will weaken the strands and increase the amount of split ends and tangled hair.

Wash your hair incorrectly:

Usually, human hair wigs are washed once a month. Wash the wig with a mild natural shampoo that does not contain sulfates or benzoates. Use shampoo and conditioner when washing your hair.

360 lace wig

Use towels vigorously:

Use a towel to absorb the moisture above the wig. Do not rub hard.

As mentioned above, there are other considerations. The following conditions can also lead to dry and tangled wigs.

1. If wigs are not maintained properly, they will eventually become tangled.

2. Bad weather and extreme weather conditions can make human hair worse.

3. Exposure to seawater can damage human hair.

4. Your hair will fall off when you fall asleep.

5. Poor hair quality.

6. The hair is super thick and easily tangled.

7. Longer hair is tangled easily, so a haircut layer can help

8. Hair extensions are dry or damaged and may become brittle

9. Do not rub your hair when dry.

10. Do not over-moisturize the hair, product accumulation can cause tangles.

How to prevent tangles from making your wig soft and smooth again?

Now you know why your wigs are tangled up. You can rejuvenate the weave and make the look and feel fresh. Here's how to get your wigs out of this situation and regenerate

1. Comb hair

Combing your hair can help prevent tangles and keep your hair from getting messy on the road. When the hair is wet, it is best to use a wide-tooth comb to comb from bottom to top. Not only does it remove tangles more effectively, it also protects hair from tearing and damage.

3. Choose good care products

The quality of the products you use can affect your human virgin hair. Using sulfate-containing hair care products will strip off the extensions, making them weaker when placed. When washing your hair, be sure to use a good conditioner and shampoo combination.

3. Wash your wig

Its human hair just likes your hair. It needs to be handled and maintained properly and cleaned thoroughly and thoroughly. Avoid using sulphate products to wash wigs. Wash the wig with the correct shampoo. Shampooing the wig within the appropriate time frame helps ensure that it is more durable, maintains the healthy appearance and texture and feel of the human wig.

4. Moisturizing wig

Use a moisturizing conditioner from the scalp to the ends, and use additional conditioner on the ends. Allow the conditioner to rest for two to five minutes before rinsing thoroughly. When rinsing, use your fingers or a comb to carefully remove tangles in the weave

5. Adjust wig

Apply deep conditioner and let stand for 15 minutes or more. Put on a shower cap to absorb heat and help with conditioning, or sit under the dryer. After conditioning, rinse thoroughly, use your fingers to unravel and squeeze out any excess water.

Comb your hair and let it air dry for about 15 to 20 minutes. Apply moisturizing products over the entire length and apply additional products at both ends. Also use dime-sized thermal conductive products to protect your hair during the styling process.

6. Protect your hair while sleeping

Pillow cases rub against your hair while sleeping, causing curls and knots. We recommend weaving your hair loosely, tying it with a hair band before going to bed, or matching your hair in a loose bun.

How to maintain wigs?

lace front wigs

Washing and conditioning human hair

▪ Rinse with cold water and wash with warm water. (Water should be at room temperature or slightly warm.)

▪ Drop a small drop of high quality mild shampoo on wet hair (avoid scalp area). Don't rub your hair or scalp like you treat your own hair.

▪ Gently swipe down once to comb the shampoo from top to bottom. Do not scrub your hair.

▪ Gently pour some soapy water into the inside of the bottle cap. Do not scrub the lid.

▪ Rinse again with cold water to draw warm water from top to bottom and from the inside of the cap to remove excess shampoo.

▪ Dry your hair gently with a towel.

▪ You can now apply some conditioner to wet hair. Avoid the scalp area as the conditioner will knot.

▪ Rinse off some cold cap conditioner to allow only a small amount of hair to remain inside the warm water.

Prevent wigs from getting tangled

▪ Occasionally, the wig may be tangled or hung around the neck as the frictionally connected back and shoulder areas point upwards. Thinning hair is more likely to gather-this is perfectly normal.

▪ Avoid tangles. The best way is to brush your wig and a small drop of oil once a day to complete your daily work. It is important to maintain a healthy wig and prevent hair from drying out and struggling because it does not absorb natural oils from the head.

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