How To Make Your Human Hair Wig Last Longer?

Feb.21, 2021

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For many people, a human hair wig is one of the important aspects. They pick up Wigs to avoid hair loss, bad haircuts, alopecia, and bald spots. However, the 100% human hair wig is always of high quality and therefore comes at a cost. With such an investment you will want to make sure that you get the most out of the wig. Whether you buy wigs for the purpose of fashion, hair loss, or any other reason, it is essential that we take care of the wig to prolong its life and make it a worthy investment. 

Generally, 100% human hair wigs can last 1 year, if you take good care of your virgin human hair wigs, they can be used 2-3 years. But, how to make your human hair wig last longer? Follow these tips for hair care:

1.Wear Your Wig Less Often

We are not saying not to wear a wig every day. We’re saying you shouldn’t wear the same wig every day.

Wearing a wig is like wearing a black dress. Over time the color fades, the threads to start to run, and the overall appearance diminishes.

If you wear a wig every day, you may need to consider buying two wigs and rotating them. The less you wear your wig, the longer it will last. Besides that, rotating will allow you to care properly for your wigs on “off” days.

2.Wash Your Hair Wig Regularly...But Not Too Often:

The human hair is just like your own hair, therefore, it needs to be properly treated and maintained with an excellent and thorough wash. What you won’t want to do is over-wash the wig, as this will shorten the lifespan. A good rule of thumb is to wash the wig every 7-14 days.

Follow the instructions below when washing your human hair wigs:

washing hair steps

Step1: Gently brush the wig to remove the tangles. Start at the tips then work towards the roots to prevent to the knots compacting.

Step 2: Turn your human hair wig inside out.

Step 3 & 4: Put the human hair wig into 35-40 centigrade water, add shampoo into the water. Stir the water gently.

Step 5: Slide your hand over the hair repeatedly until it is clean.

Step 6: Rinse shampoo thoroughly and apply conditioner through the hair. And Leave conditioner in it for a few minutes before washing.

Step 7: Rinse conditioner thoroughly and use a towel to take off the water.

Step 8: Put the wig onto a wig standing and let it air dry.

Note: Never use product that contain suiphur.

3. Put Down Your Curling iron

Everyone knows heat tools damage hair, and the same is true with wigs.

When you use a heating tool on your wig the hair gets damaged, dry, and brittle, split ends form, and the hair loses natural shine. Moreover, because wig hair doesn’t repair like natural hair, the damage is permanent.

Hair dryers, curling irons, and flat irons can all permanently damage your wig. If you own a synthetic wig, heating tools can melt your wig.

Make sure always to let your wig air dry. If you want a wavy or curly look, use non-heating curlers. Keep in mind; most wigs come pre-styled, so you can choose your look before your wig arrives at your home.

4. Visit Your Stylist And Cut or Dye Your Hair Professionally

Styling wigs is an entirely different process than styling natural hair. Your stylist should be able to give you some tips and tricks for styling your wig without damaging it. If you want to change up the style of your human hair wig, that's just fine. You can treat the wig largely like you would treat your natural hair. If you want to cut and dye your hair wig. Pls visit your stylist to avoid damaging the hair follicles or shafts and prevent split ends.

You could also purchase more than one human hair wig in varying lengths and colors. This way, you can achieve the look you are going for without making permanent chances to your existing wigs. Your stylist can help you choose flattering styles that work best for your age, face shape and desired look.

5. Storing Your Human Hair Wig

When you’re not wearing your wig, it should always be stored on a wig stand away from excess heat, damp and direct sunlight. If you need to travel with your wig, use a wig stand and wig box to ensure it doesn’t become damaged or misshapen during your journey.

Tips for hair wigs protection and holding:

      * Always hold the wig far away from the heating devices and other temperature sources.

      * If you wear the wig regularly, then make a practice of keeping it on the wig stand.

      * If you wear the wig rarely, dry the wig completely and keep it in a box.

Remember a human hair wig is an investment and like any investment you’re looking for a good return. Properly maintaining and caring for a real hair wig will pay off.

Read carefully the above tips for taking care of your human hair wig to make your hair wig last longer. If you are thinking about getting a wig but worried about how to take care of one, a human hair wig is an excellent option. Since you take care of it very similarly to your own hair, it is an easier transition to make than synthetic wigs. Trust our team of beauty experts at AfricanMall to help you choose the human hair wigs --- human hair lace front wigs, full lace human hair wigs for your personal needs so you can feel even more amazing than you already are.