How to Match Clothes to Look Better: to Be a Fashion Girl with Jurllyshe Fashion Tips

Apr.08, 2021

How to match clothing for chic girls can be one of the biggest problems and one of the most important lessons in life. As a fashion brand, Jurllyshe has the responsibility to share some fashion tips about matching clothes.

How to Match Clothes to Look Better


·What is the basic style

·How to be fashionable

·Color assortment

·which style is the best

·What is fashion elements

·How to find your personal styles

What is the basic style

If you want to be stylish and always wear fashionably, the first thing is to know what is the basic style. It is just like that a man can never learn how to run before learning to walk.

A basic style can be a shirt, a pair of pants, skirts, dresses, and so on, they are the items that are fitted, not too loose nor too tight, and without the complex structures and any fancy elements like flowery print and the ripped designs. They are the most ordinary clothes.

basic styles

However, if you want to be fashionable, the basic styles are always very important to your whole look. As for the reason, lets talk about it later, but you should keep the definition of the basic styles in your mind.

How to be fashionable

If you want to be fashionable, which means you want to be different from most people who wear basic coats and basic jeans on the street, then you should give a little change to your basic styles.

So just make your shirts or pants looser or tighter, so not counting the dress/sexy rompers, your tops and bottoms have each gotten the three styles:


fitted basic


How to Match Clothes

So you have already had 9 styles, Among them, the loose top with loose bottoms and slim top with slim bottom these two looks are the most different, because, in this world, the people who wear the fitted tops and bottoms are the most.

Besides, the combination can also be separated into three categories as following:

Long tops

Tops and bottoms balance

Long tops

How to Match Clothes

Plus the 9 ways above, you will have 27 styles now. And the fashion sense will be stronger if you avoid the most normal one: fitted tops and bottoms and balance them with the proportion of 5:5. But about how to choose the combination, it depends on the fashion trends and your personal preferences.

Color assortment

Grabbing the color assortment for clothes is also very necessary, there is too much knowledge about color assortment, but you may just need to know the basic concept: to avoid matching the opposite colors together if you are not really good at design! Such as the following shows, normally, we will not match the red with the green or blue.

How to Match Clothes

Which style is the best

There are many kinds of styles in the fashion planet, like the sports style, minimalism style, official style, casual style, punk style......I can tell that each style is the best style, or there is not a No. 1 style, but only your favorite style(s).

What is fashion elements

The fashion elements can be the pattern prints, the decorative seams, the rivets, the ripped holes......they are designed to complete the basic styles and make you fashionable.

·keep the styles of elements unify

If you are not so good at matching clothes, youd better unify your whole style on your body. So please dont wear the high-heel shoes with a biker shorts set.

·balance the elements

To balance the elements is to make the fashion elements balance with the basic styles. Again, if you are a freshman of matching, youd better obey this rule, and that is also the reason why the basic styles are important.

Normally, if you wear a fancy corset top, youd better wear the basic trousers, or reverse. And if you wear a colorful jacket, the inner clothes will be better if you choose the solid color items, or you can reverse as well.

How to find your personal styles

Its easy to find your own styles, Jurllyshe always recommends that you should just be yourself, you can even ignore the trends, and just wear the garments that you like! The thing that is the most suitable for you is the best thing.

If you just dont want to bother to how to match clothing, you can also come to pick Jurllyshes amazing two piece outfits for women!

piece outfits for women

piece outfits for women

piece outfits for women

How to match clothes in trends and to be more beautiful is really a big topic, following these tips may give you a new wonderful look! Jurllyshe hopes every girl can be herself and find their own fashion idea!


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