How To Match The Tops And Bodycon Skirts Bottoms

Sep.23, 2019

How To Style The Tops And Bodycon Skirts

Bodycon skirts are the latest trend this season, which are tailored for body-conscious women. Many women pay attention to the beauty, how to match the clothes is one of the important things. Did you have a time when you went shopping and saw a single clothes you like very much, then you brought it home, but the next moring when you put it on, you found there wasn’t a right item to match it? Here are some basic principles of clothing matching for you.

Basic Principles Of Clothing Matching

*Generally speaking, when the tops’ color is deeper than the bottoms, it will make a person top-heavy feeling. You’d better choose the same color of the tops and bottoms, or the lighter color of the tops.

*If the top is plaid or striped, the skirt should be a single color, not a similar pattern. On the other hand, if the skirt is floral pattern, it should be matched with a plain shirt.

*Colourful shirts should not be worn inside the coat, especially for men. It’s better if you wear the floral shirts directly on the outside. If the top coat is formal and solemn, then the shirts should be light or plain color.

*The material of the tops and bottoms had better be close. If the top is straight wool, the bottom is a pair of fabric pants without trouser lines, it will look out of place.

*When wearing a tank top or wide hem crop top, don’t pair it with a loose skirt, a bodycon skirt is a good choose. if you want pair it with pants, then the pants should not be made of horizontal stripes.

*If wearing a sweater, the pants or skirts should be heavy material. And you’d better not wear silk clothes inside your sweater, or it will damage the silk clothes and be not in harmony with the texture of the sweater.

*If you wear thin, samll heels, it’s best not to wear thick socks, on the other hand, thin socks should not match sneakers and thick boots.

How To Style Your Bodycon Skirts

Before we take a peek into the designs, let’s understand what works with Bodycon skirts and what doesn’t:

*If you have a fat bottom, you should avoid bodycon skirts, because they will make you look like a fashion disaster.

*Many skirts are made of elastic fabrics that fits your curves. So, be sure to wear seamless innersole.

*If you have a heavy bust and a slimmer hip, try wearing bandage skirts, to accentuate your figure.

*Dark colors like red, green and maroon suits, make you look like neat.

*You can try a variety of tops: such as a tank top, blouses or even men’s shirts.

*Match a high heels and narrow strap tops with your skirt.

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