Beginner Guide: How To Sew In Lace Frontal?

Jun.21, 2020

Many people like to make a hair wig with hair bundles and frontal/closure. The price of wigs always higher than bundles with closure. And the colors and textures may have limits. But how to sew in lace frontal?

How To Sew In Lace Frontal

The Things You Will Need:

* Hair Bundles And Frontal

* Needles/Thread

* Wigs Cap

* Hair Protectant

How To Measure And Choose A Lace Frontal?

Measure the lace frontal from ear to ear(width)and parting depth(length). Usually there are 13*4 lace frontal, 13*6 lace frontal and 360 lace frontal. If you want want your lace frontal to appear more natural, the get a deeper length so that the parting can be realistic to your own. Ear to ear lace frontal isn't necessary if you only wear your hair in one part. For those who like the versatility of wearing ponytails, side parts as well as middle, then it would be beneficial to Invest in a full lace or 360 frontals.

straight hair bundles and frontal

Straight Hair Bundles With Frontal Closure

Prepare Work:

1. Wash The Hair First

As you will sew in the hair bundles and frontal on your own hair, so make sure that your own hair and scalp are clean and freshly-washed. you’d better use some clarifying shampoo to wash. Be sure to use conditioner to moisturize your hair.

If wanted or needed, you can also wash the lace frontal before using it.

2. Cornrow Your Own Hair.

Separate your hair where you want to separate the final style. Use your favorite technique to make the hair into a line and make sure each braid comes out of that part. Keep the braids small and make sure you have an angle braid all over the hairline (especially the front). The braid must be small to ensure a flat foundation. The flat foundation helps to sew and close the overall look, making it look more natural.

If you have a long braid at the end of the corner row, pull it back and fix or sew to the adjacent corner row.

Although any appealing style can be used, great choices of cornice styles that can be used include straight cornice styles or honeycomb styles.

natural wave hair bundles with frontal closure

Natural Wave Hair Bundles With Frontal Closure

Now we can sew in lace frontal, following us:

How To Sew In Lace Frontal?

1. Use 30 sec liquid hair protectant and place it around hair edges to protect from the lace glue and make your hairline edges flat.

2. Wear a wig cap and make the wig cap color matches your skin.

3. Get the lace frontal and place it over your area. Depending on where your cornrow part is, it may be in the center of the top of your head, or it may be off to the side. Make sure that the straight edge is aligned with your front hairline and that it overlaps the front hairline less than 1 cm (0.39 inch). Your frontal needs to be flat. There should be no space left between lace frontal and your natural hair.

* There will be a 0.5inch (1.3 cm) lace (mesh) seam on the entire curved edge. Don't cut it.

* Some lace frontals come with pre-made parts. Make sure the lace frontal’s part matches your part.

4. Fix the left side of the frontal to the corner along the hairline. Put a thick thread on the bent needle. Pass the needle down through the lace, net and cornice. Pull the needle backwards through the cornrow and netting, just below the edge of the lace frontal. Repeat this stitch several times to secure the frontal.

* Thread the needle. Hook it on the mesh cap to avoid losing it.

* If you are a beginner, this is difficult to master. Ask a friend or someone with capping experience to help you fix the cap on the corn.

5. Repeat the same process to the right side of the lace frontal.

6. Sewing in the lace frontal. Start sewing from the left side until the part is reached, then sew back to the side edges. Repeat this step for the right side as well. Do not sew parts on the lace frontal. You can do this using straight stitch or back stitch.

* Make sure to sew through both the wig cap and the cornrow underneath it.

7. Whipstitch the way along each side of the frontal towards the back. Sewing starts from the left side and complete at the back-center. Repeat this step on the right where you left off. Tie the threads together, and then cut off the excess threads.

curly hair bundles with frontal closure

Curly Hair Bundles With Frontal Closure

What Are The Benefits Of Sewing In Closures/frontal?

It looks more natural and feels more like your own hair because it can be securely fixed to your head for a long time. What are the benefits of sewing hairpins?

Usually the cheapest option. In some cases, because it is a long-term option, it is much cheaper than other types of braiding and wig installation.

You can experiment and style your hair in different ways, such as straight hair one day and curly hair the next day. Save money on chemicals and perm products and avoid damaging your hair.

Sutures can protect your hair because it requires more rest to become healthier. Protect your true hair from various elements while absorbing daily wear and tear.

If you don't know how to apply and remove the lace front adhesive, it will harm the hairline less.

It looks more natural, and it feels more like your own hair, because it stays firmly on your head for a long time.

deep wave hair bundles with frontal closure

Deep Wave Hair Bundles With Frontal Closure

How Many Bundles For A Full Sew In Bundles With Closure?

How many bundles does one close need?

If you want to get 8-14 inches of hair weave bundles, you need 2 bundles. From 16-20 inches or 22 inches, you need 3 bundles deals, 24inch-28inch, you may need 4 bundles hair.

If you want to have long hair, you have to be very careful about the hair bundles amount, some people may think that I will get 3 bundles 24 inch hair bundles, and that's will be.

How many frontal lobes do you need?

Frontals are from ear to ear 13 * 4 lace frontal will be more space than closure, so the amount of hair you need will vary.

If you get 10-18 inches or 16 inches, then 2 bundles weave hair with lace frontal are enough. For hair lengths of 20-24inches, I recommend 3 bundles with closure frontal. 24inches-28inches, 4 bundles will be full.

body wave hair bundles with frontal closure

Body Wave Hair Bundles With Frontal Closure

How Long Does Sew In Lace Frontal Last?

Usually, how long does the sew in lace frontal last depends on how you maintain it, if treat it like your own hair and take good care of it. It can last at least 6 months, If treated well, it will take longer.