Care Tips: How To Wash A Synthetic Wig?

Dec.22, 2019

How to wash a synthetic wig. High-quality synthetic wig has the same effect as human hair wig. Many women pay most attention to the maintenance of human hair, but neglect the synthetic wigs also needed maintenance.

How To Wash A Synthetic Wig

Washing a synthetic wig is similar with washing human hair wigs, but there are still some difference between them. Today we are going to tell you the method of properly washing synthetic wigs.

The things you will need:

* A basin or sink filled with cold water

* Special shampoo for synthetic hair wig

* Wide comb for wig

* Clean and absorbent towel

* Wig rack

How To Wash A Synthetic Wig?

How To Wash A Synthetic Wig

Step 1: Detangle Your Synthetic Wig

Carefully comb your wig. Gently brush and detangle the wig with a wide comb or wig brush, just comb it from the bottom to the root and lift up. Make sure not to pull the synthetic strand from the root.

Step 2: Soaking The Synthetic Wig

Fill the basin or clean sink with cold water. Do not use hot water or even use "somewhat" warm water, because hot water or warm water can easily damage synthetic wigs, especially when washing multiple times.

* Take a tablespoon of wig shampoo and add it into the cold water. And slightly rotate the water to ensure that the shampoo is completely mixed.

* Carefully immerse the wig in the water. Do not scrub, otherwise it will tangles or damage your hair. Just soak it.

* Allow the wig to soak for a few minutes - no more than 4-5 minutes unless specifically stated in the wig.

Step 3: Lather The Synthetic Wig

After the wig is soaked, take it out from the water and then gently slide your finger over the edge of the wig cap, focusing on the areas where sweat and dirt are present. You should particularly gentle to the area of any hand-tied, for excessive friction will loosen the strands tied to the wig cap.

Step 4: Rinse

Rinse the wig with clean, cold water. Until all shampoo is rinsed off. Hold it on the back or back and carefully shake it to drain again.

Step 5: Conditioner

If you want to use conditioner, use a synthetic wig conditioner spray. Spray a wig and shake it carefully again.

Step 6: Dry Your Wig

Do not comb your wig when it’s wet as this can damage and wear the fibers. Now, leave the synthetic on the towel. Gently cover the wig with a towel to remove excess water. Do not scrub, squeeze or tighten the synthetic hair strands. After removing excess water, leave it on the wig shelf and let it dry.

How To Store Your Synthetic Wig?

After the wig is clean and dry, it needs to be stored. Your most important job is to keep the wig cool, dry and away from direct sunlight. Many wearers prefer to store wigs on a wig stand. If you need a long-term solution, you can choose to keep it in the original box and store it in the closet. Take care of your wig and it will make it last longer!

Synthetic Hair Wig Care Tips:

1. Use the synthetic wig shampoo. Non-alcoholic shampoo. And clearly indicate that the product will not be stripped of the color of the synthetic wig.

2. Washing a synthetic wig must use the cold water. But for human hair wig, you can use both cold water or warm water.

3. As mentioned earlier, do not brush or comb the wet wig.

4. You’d better air-dry your synthetic wig.

5. If your wig is a curly wig, consider washing it in the hair net to prevent curling.

6. Some websites may recommend using fabric softeners or other cleaning products that are not related to wigs to clean the wig. We strongly recommend against using these products as they may damage your wig.

FAQs About Synthetic Wigs:

Can you use regular shampoo on synthetic wigs?

We must never use regular shampoo to wash synthetic wigs because it is too strong for fibers. At the same time, we also know that the main function of shampoo in cleaning wigs is to remove dirt or grease in it. Therefore, as long as the washing product is safe and gentle enough to clean the wig so that it remains healthy and long-lasting, these products can be used in place of the synthetic wig shampoo.

How long does a synthetic wig last for?

Generally speaking, high-quality synthetic wigs may last 7-9 months. If for heat friendly synthetic wig, it usually only lasts approximately 6 months. Wearing your wig less frequently and taking good care it will help to extend its lifespan.

Can i use heat tools on the synthetic wigs?

Of course, you can use heat tools on our synthetic wigs, because all of our synthetic wigs are heat friendly. But please set the temperature lower than 180 degrees Celsius. And the synthetic wigs are more easily to be straightened, if you want to curl the synthetic wig, you can use curling rolls and steam it.

Can i dye the synthetic wigs?

Yes, you can. But we don’t recommend. If you insist, you can dye the synthetic wig darker with the alcohol ink.