How To Wear Oversized Clothes-Jurllyshe Tips for Fashion Trend 2021

Apr.13, 2021

How do girls wear oversized styles? Since oversized clothes are very popular these years, and it is still an in trend style of fashion, Jurllyshe will show you some tips about wearing oversized garments, so that you may grab the chance to be more beautiful!

How To Wear Oversized Clothes

Oversized style can also be seen as a kind of street style. Generally, it is defined as a style that comes from the hip-hop culture, many famous rappers are all big fans of oversized clothes because of their cool feeling and comfortable fitting. It can bring the feeling of freedom and a very individualized style so that many girls who are tired of the feminine sexy corset top or the sexy jumpsuit are going to purchase the oversized fashion stuff now.

How To Wear Oversized Clothes

Since oversized clothes are really popular, now, Lets see how to wear the right oversized clothes.

oversized style

·How To Wear Oversized Clothes-Try your boyfriend/husband's clothes

If your boyfriend or your husbands figure is similar to yous, and he is 10cm to 15 cm taller than you, you can totally wear his clothes as your oversized styles, no matter the jacket of their two piece pants set or the T-shirt of their short set, you can try all of them, especially their shirts and hoodies. You may not need to buy every oversized style again.

Oversized style

How To Wear Oversized Clothes

·How To Wear Oversized Clothes-Unconspicuous shoulder seams

When choosing oversized apparel, it is better if you can avoid those clothes that have clear shoulder seams, or have many decorations on the shoulders such as the shoulder board. Because it will not give you the sense of cozy and lazy, it can only make you look messy and slovenly.

How To Wear Oversized Clothes

·How To Wear Oversized Clothes-Choose the soft fabric

Only the oversized clothes that are made from the soft fabric can be the real oversized clothes, those who wear the crisp oversized things dont look so good, and as a designer, we called it not fit and uncomfortable” for that situation. It is just like the little girl who is wearing her dads suit.

How To Wear Oversized Clothes

·How To Wear Oversized Clothes-Oversized items match with slim items

If you are wearing an oversized item, then the other clothes that you are going to wear should be slim and tight. Only if we make the loose and tight balanced of our whole look, can we be fashionable. But I dont mean you cant double the oversized clothes, that is the situation you need to concern about the details and fashion elements of the clothes, if you are not good at design, its easy to fall into traps.

How To Wear Oversized ClothesHow To Wear Oversized Clothes

·How To Wear Oversized Clothes-Oversized style is wearing XL to replace M

The last but not least, and this suggestion may not so friendly to all the girls, Im not disrespectful, but the oversized style is more suitable for the girls who wear the XL size to replace the fitted M size or wear the L size to replace the S size. But not to wear the XXXXL to replace the XXL.

Oversized style


Wearing oversized clothes in the right way is not as easy as you think, its not just change everything to a bigger size. But all the suggestions above are just based on the design concepts, if you are really confident and love the styles you have worn, you can totally ignore all the tips and be yourself, which will also be awesome.


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