How To Wear Oversized Hoodie?

Dec.05, 2019

Afrcianmall offers hoodies for women. The oversized hoodie and crop top hoodie are two main kind of hoodie clothing. Today we are going to talk about how to wear oversized hoodie. Comfortable and beautiful hoodies make you feel warm. The casual style of hoodies is very attractive to women of all ages. Hoodies are perfect for matching pants, shorts, leggings and skirts.

How To Wear Oversized Hoodie

Pair Oversized Hoodie With Pants

* Pair oversized hoodie with jeans to create a casual street-style look. Skinny jeans with large hoodie look great. If you want a fashion style, choose a hollow out jeans or ripped jeans.

* if you want to create a sportswear style. Then a pair of comfortable yoga pants or leggings will be a very good choice. Then wear your sneakers. You can go out for exercising, jogging, shopping or other casual event.

* if you don’t want to wear tight jeans, yoga pants, or leggings, you can select loose pants. Wearing baggy pants and oversized hoodies will make you look bigger than it really is. But if you're hanging around at home all day, this is a super comfortable choice.

Pair Oversized Hoodie With Shorts

Pair your oversized hoodie with shorts also a popular matching method. Choose a short that is just covered over by your large hoodie, if the weather is cold, pair a over-knee boots, and leave a little skin your legs. Wow, god! It’s sooooo sexy. Choose the suitable material of shorts according to your hoodie material.

africanmall oversized hoodies for women

Pair Oversized Hoodie With Skirts

If you want a stylish look, wear a hoodie on a long skirt or shirt. Choose dress or shirts long enough to be easily visible under the hoodie. Wear a hoodie on your clothes for a feminine and comfortable outfit. In addition, you can also wear a hoodie over a long shirt to get a sense of layering. For cold weather, this is a stylish and warm choice.

Other Matching Advice

* If you want to create a layered effect, wear a jacket over your coat. This is a great way to add fun to your clothes. This jacket also helps tailor hoodies and accentuates your natural body shape. Try leather, suede or denim jackets.

* Add some drama with a long vest or jacket for women. Sexy front and delicate back.

* Make it look like a matching set by pairing it with a same material or color skirt with the hoodie. Think of it as a richer version of traditional sportswear-a sports-skirt suit.

It’s best to buy oversized hoodies according to your own size. If you just want to create a loose style, please keep it within the standard size of 2-3 to avoid making the whole look unflattering.

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