How To Match Tie Dye Fashion Outfits This Summer(2019)

Aug.07, 2019

Tie dye first emerged as a fashion staple this season on designer runways across the board. And you know what that means: These styles have already trickled on down from the runways to stores even I can afford. tie dye prints and shapes are far more varied and unexpected this season. What's more, you can find them splattered across more fashion-forward silhouettes, like work-friendly dresses, designer bags, and go-to jean styles. There is no doubt that tie dye fashion trend has made a surprising comeback.

tie dye top and skirts set

Tie-dye clothing came down the Spring/Summer 2019 runways riding a wave (get it?) of other California fashion trends. Shell jewelry, summer stripes, crochet, and other beach-babe looks signaled surfer girl style was officially the must-have summer vibe. Surely, that was one of the least likely looks to catch on–well, or so it seemed. Tie dye trends meet your need from beach to bedroom.

jurllyshe two piece tie dye bikini set

Fast forward to the present day and tie-dye clothing and accessories are basically required Summer 2019 wear. Cali-girl T-shirts feel effortlessly cool and edgy–and not like something a former hippie dropped off at Goodwill. Everything from sexy dresses to rompers and even shoes has gotten the tie-dye fashion treatment. It all feels fresh and modern, while still retaining the boho vibe that made this trend so beloved in the first place.

tie dye romper

If you're more of a "trendsetting" type, we'd say the easiest way to do that is to start using small items like socks, shoes or t-shirts and keep it that way.Everything else is very basic. Tie-dye t-shirts can be worn with jeans, pants, shorts or skirts.You can also go the opposite way with tie-dye tights-bolder than a T-shirt-with something simple at the top.

tie dye t-shirts

If you like to dive into trends, why not try the whole tie-dye outfit.You can try a full length tie-dye dress. 

full length tie-dye dress

If you have oversized bodyshape and want to follow the tie dye fashion trend, we have plus size tie dye matching sets for you. Why not try it?

plus size tie dye skirts set

If you haven’t already embraced the tie-dye fashion trend, there’s no time like the present. So get in surfer-girl state of mind and shop tie-dye picks ahead that will have you hoping for an endless summer.

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