Velvet Dresses Ideas In JurllyShe-How To Wear

May.24, 2020

Velvet is a style piece of the past, but it has made a strong comeback in Fall 2016, and it can be seen worn casually on city streets around the world. There are various ways to wear the velvet outfits with trend and style. It can be peared with some statement jewelry or belt.

You can also jump on this fashion trend by incorporating velvet pieces into your wardrobe, pairing them with velvet jewelry or accents, wearing velvet dresses with boots and jackets, or putting a timeless velvet blazer over your outfit.

Here are some ideas on how to wear velvet outfits in JurllyShe.

Velvet Dresses Ideas In JurllyShe

JurllyShe online store offers velvet bodycon dress, velvet top and pants, velvet two piece sets, velvet plus size outfits and so on. If you don’t sweat in the day that your night are getting cold, then it is the time to take out your velvet outfits. Or if you are new to velvet outfits and want to add a few pieces to your wardrobe, then following the below bolg and pick up your favorite.

Here are some of the most asked question from women.

Can You Wear Velvet In Summer?

Yes, of course, you can. You can wear velvet outfits unless the temperature is closed to 40 degrees in the summer. And you’d better choose the lightwight velvet pieces.

1. Velvet Dress

sexy velvet dress

velvet bodycon dress

If you are not sure that how to wear velvet pieces, a dress is one of the easiest ways to style the trend. And velvet bodycon dress and skirt style dresses are one of the most popular designs.

2. Velvet Top And Pants Set

Velvet Top And Pants Set

velvet two piece pants set

Velvet pants are very fashionable and comfortable. The features of thickness and texture make them ideal for the colder months. Pair them with leather jacket, or velvet long sleeve crop tops, they will show the stylish and keep warm. The Fall season is coming, it’s the best time to add some velvet pants and tops. If you don’t want to spend time to match your velvet pants, then JurllyShe velvet matching sets-two piece top and pants set give you the most convenience.

3. Velvet Skirts Set

Velvet Skirts Set

Velvet pants are usual for casual dresses, if you want more fashionable, skirt and top set is a good choice for you. And the orange color is popular and trendy color this year, which will make you more bright. No matter which color your skin, the bright neon orange will be suitable.

4. Velvet Plus Size Dresses

Velvet Plus Size Dresses

Velvet does add a little volume, but it doesn’t mean plus size women can’t wear it. This plus size 2 piece sets is a long sleeve top and shorts set, pair it with a coat, you can wear it for casual days. 

Tips on velvet outfits:

*Velvet dress adds inches, if you are too thin, then velvet fabric is good for you. Slender girls can wear one-piece velvet dress to look bit sexier.

*Accessories: When you do not want to wear too much velvet, go for accessories instead. Hair accessories, jewelry, and even velvet collars are trendy in this regard.