Is It Too Hot And Uncomfortable To Wear A Wig In Summer?

Dec.22, 2019

Wearing a wig or other piece of hair can be a great way to get the hair you've always wanted. But when it comes to the Summer, it's uncomfortable to wear a wig every day for many people. So can i wear a wig in summer? Is it hot and uncomfortable to wear? How can i overcome this problem if i want to keep beautiful hair? Today i will answer the questions for you.

Is It Too Hot And Uncomfortable To Wear A Wig In Summer?

Can I Wear A Wig In The Hot Summer?

“I wear a lot of lace wigs, some brands have thicker lace than others.Lace stabbed my forehead all day in such hot weather, so I had to throw away a beautiful wig because it was too thick and uncomfortable." We hear a lot of complaints from women in the summer. So can’t you really wear hair wigs in the summer? "Yes, you can." And trust me, nothing can confuse a person who desires to look attractive.

Which Types Of Wigs Should I Choose In Summer?

1. Synthetic And Human Hair Wig.

Synthetic And Human hair Wig

First, it definitely does get warm in summer. But we have two different type fo wigs: synthetic and human hair. Both types come in many colors, and can be cut and styled to suit you.

Synthetic hair is warmer, essentially it’s made of mod acrylic so essentially it means it’s made of plastic, and we all know plastic does not breathe all that well so you have to choose the right type of cap and with synthetic wigs, most of them are open cap so it does help breathe a bit better but if you want the complete comfort and breath-ability, it’s human hair.

Human hair being natural, it’s going to just breathe a lot easier, a lot better and just a lot more comfortable to wear.

2. Human Hair Wig Types

Human Hair Wigs have three different cap styles: the machine wefted the mono-filament and the mono-filament hand-tied caps. The hand-tied mono-filament is the lightest, the least hot and the most comfortable. The mono-filament is also a very comfortable cap if you're looking for something that's going to be very breathable and lightweight. 

Most of the wig companies have made massive improvements on cap constructions that are more airflow, like the full lace cap, and lace front cap(13*4, 13*6, 5*5, 6*6 lace etc), like the latest HD lace, that is softer and more comfortable to wear.

Lace front wigs and 360 lace wigs

How Can I Wear A Wig Less Hot And Uncomfortable?

Here are some advice:

1. Choose a wig with less thick hair. 

According to the orders we received, most girls love thicker hair. For lace front wigs, thicker hair can better cover the weave tracks, but believe it or not, a good quality lace front wig also can get good coverage even has a bit less hair. 

And another better choice is a full lace wig, but the con is it’s much more expensive.

No matter which king of wig cap, choose a wig with low-density in the Summer.

2. Shave your own hair more often. 

Shave your own hair

Shave the hair under the wig more often in summer. 

3. Choose a wig with a short bob cut. 

Bob wigs hairstyle features its blunt hair ends and short length from about 8” (chin length) to no longer than 14” (shoulder length), so we don’t need to resist the uncomfortable that the hair keeps sweeping and sticking on our neck because of the humid environment. 

4. Use a comfy grip around your scalp.

You can use certain things such as a comfy grip and that is a plastic band, a rubber band that goes around your scalp, so that there’s no pressure, it alleviates the pressure from the wig onto your scalp so it’s a lot more comfortable and a little more cooling. You can put those in the fridge or freezer and put it on your head so it helps to alleviate the pressure and the heat.

5. Wear your wig in an updo.

Wear your wig in an updo

Most wigs allow you to wear in an updo or a ponytail, for 360 lace wigs and full lace wigs they even allow you to wear in a high ponytail or high bun.

6. Make your body adapts to the wig.

Some people just get used to it at some point, your body adapts to it at some point. It would take a few days to adapt to wearing a wig especially if you are wearing it all day. It’s sort of like people wearing a hat all the time.

People just get used to it, it just becomes part of you, especially if you don’t have hair, for people going through chemo, they don’t have hair underneath. They’re used to having hair so when you have a wig on it becomes a part of them.

Hope these tips and ways could help you have a bit less hot and uncomfortable summer when wearing a wig.

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