Jurllyshe Annual Top 5 Puffer Jackets

Jan.29, 2021

The bestseller in this horribly cold winter must be puffer jackets, and it's also a fact. With this article, let me recommend Jurllyshe top 5 puffer jackets for you to decide on getting away from frozen.

Puffer Jackets

From the end of fall 2020 till now, Jurllyshe has designed and update many puffer jackets for our lovely fans, each one has a unique design and fashionable elements, there is no doubt that the puffer jackets are the favorite products among our customers in the last few months. By taking advantage of the good quality, warmth retention property, and fair price, Jurllyshe's down jackets gain many favorable receptions. Now, let's see these top 5 brilliant puffer jackets.

Top 5: Standing collar puffer Jacket

For this jacket, it has a well-chosen fabric and cotton padding, the smooth surface can prevent water or rain goes into the inside, it is also anti-wind, enough cotton padding is absolutely warm. The fashionable short jacket has a gray, pink and orange color for you to choose from, they all can be matched with lots of styles, you can wear a pair of stacked jeans or sports pants with it.

top 5 puffer jackets

Top 4: Contrast camouflage puffer jacket.

This camouflage jacket gain long time attention of our fans, in the beginning of 2020 and the end of 2020, it is continually picked a lot, the colorful camouflage pattern combined with a cool and funny style, it will make you full of energy. If it is not so cold, you can wear sexy crop tops inside as the model shows followed.

top 5 puffer jackets

Top 3: Contrast Paisley pattern print puffer jacket

The Paisley pattern is one of all luxury brands' favorite pets, it's definitely the classic pattern that will never die. Jurllyshe has used it for many of our products. For this coat, we use the contrast color to give it more vitalities, it's a crash between retro and modern, it's a well-deserved bestseller.

top 5 puffer jackets

Top 2: Solid color short puffer jacket

As a basic style, this solid color puffer jacket also has its special attraction, no matter the beige white, dark black or bright orange, they are all the stylish colors, especially the orange one, it has won lots of eyesight. Thanks to the drawstring of its hem, it can be a loose style or a slim style to fit your stature. Cute rompers may a good idea to match with it.

top 5 puffer jackets

Top 1: Glossy solid zipper puffer jacket

Finally, comes to the best of bestsellers, it's a solid color jacket, too, but the fabric is very cultured, for decoration, its shine glossy has already conquered many chic girls. As for the function, it is also anti-water and wind, so its warmth retention property is also excellent. The zipper of this coat is metallic, it enhances the feeling of the power of the whole style, and also shows women's courage: we are not afraid of any predicament in our lives, just like we are not afraid of the cold winter at all.

top 5 puffer jackets

Those are the top 5 bestsellers of Jurllyshe puffer jackets, and you may release that we have the new year sale clothing shop online coupon for you, don't forget to use them to get your favorite puffer jackets for the lowest price!


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