Jurllyshe Annual Top 5 Stacked Pants

Jan.29, 2021

What’s the most popular style in autumn and winter of 2020? The answer must be “stacked leggings/pants/jeans”. Today, let’s check Jurllyshe annual top 5 stacked pants!

From the database of the orders and online customer service, we found that there will be about two hundred people who come into Jurllyshe’s store and seek a pair of great stacked pants averagely every day. There’s no doubt that the style of stacked pants can be an annual trend from the middle of 2020 till now.

As we all know, “staying at home” is one of the frequently-used words in 2020, the stacked pants have their unique lethargic style, just fit for the trend “staying at home”, which must be a reason for its rise. On the other hand, it may impact by the oversize clothing culture of hip-hop, the stacked pants change the oversize width to oversize length, which is still very street. Otherwise, Jurllyshe has used different materials to design many styles of pants to make it diverse, everyone can find her own styles.

Top 5: Solid Crop Top & Stacked Pants Set

The U-neck crop top shows the sexy, the stacked cloth of pants shows the laid back, it’s an absolutely perfect outfit. This look will make you understated and approachable but full of temperament.

stacked pants

Top 4: Solid Crop Top with Drawstring Stacked Leggings

Except for single objects, Jurllyshe focuses on matching sets, too. As for this crop top with stacked pants set, the solid color and simple silhouette show a sense of classy quality, the split design makes it more fashionable.

stacked pants

Top 3: High Waist Stacked Pants

This style is not a slim fit but feels more casual and sports, the warm plush and humanity drawstrings are both its bright spots.

stacked pants

Top 2: Slim Stacked Pants.

This slim fit style is also a basic solid style, it can show your great stature, and it is very comfortable. Averagely, there must be one person pick these leggings every 20 customers.

stacked pants

Top 1: Split Stacked Leggings

The basic style is always the most popular style among all products, but the stacked effect is created by the drawstring on the calf, which is a little neoteric. These stacked leggings have good elasticity, it may be the best to match with sexy crop tops.

stacked pants

Besides these annual top 5 stacked pants, Jurllyshe has many other good stacked jeans, too. Come and find your own style, Jurllyshe has all amazing cheap clothes online.


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