Jurllyshe Best Chinese Spring Festival Sales 2021

Feb.18, 2021

Chinese Spring Festival 2021 is coming, Jurllyshe will also celebrate this big day and hold the sales from Feb. 6th to Feb. 17th, because there are many Chinese factories that are suppliers of Jurllyshe. Besides, there are also more than 30 Chinese staff or ethnic Chinese staff of Jurllyshe fashion company’s hundred staff.

Chinese Spring Festival Sales

As a fashion company, Jurllyshe sticks to the idea of people-oriented principle all the time, what festivals do we celebrate based on what kinds of colleagues or where are our colleagues from. So this is how does Jurllyshe respect all the religions and culture. Because China has become the indispensable partner of Jurllyshe. The reason for attaching importance to the Chinese Spring Festival every year is not only the huge number of Chinese talents in the company but also the efficient Chinese suppliers.

For the Chinese Spring Festival sales, there are three codes you can use between Feb. 6th to Feb. 17th:

For apparel:

Code: Spr5——5% off when the order is over $39.

Code: Spr10——10% off when the order is over $89.

Code: Spr15——15% off when the order is over $159.

No matter fashionable stacked jeans or underbust corsets are all involved.

For wigs:

Code: Spr2021——10% off.

Otherwise, if you check out more than 3 pieces once, you may not only use the Code: Spr15 to save, but also can win a Spring Festival Lucky bag. There is one amazing garment in each Lucky Bag, it can be the super value matching sweatpants set or a pair of amazing sweet shorts! The Lucky Bag will be put into your cart automatically when there are three pieces and we promise it will in the same parcel as your other products.

Since spring is coming, come and get your new look on Jurllyshe! We have arrived at a bulk of new spring styles for you!

You can be so sexy in this front hollow-out bandage crop top, there no one who doesn’t want to be full of charm in this lovely spring! And its price is really cute!

hollow out crop top

Or you may want the retro corset tops, if so, you must have a look at Jurllyshe’s corsets! As for this renaissance corset, the design inspiration is from the great fashion designer Vivienne Westwood who is also known as the mother of punk, you don’t even learn whether this crop top is in style, just wear it, of course, the classic style will tell you why it can always be alive in the fashion world.

corset top

Or this overbust corset top with the leggings set is also amazing. The fancy print will grab the eyesight of each stranger on the street. The consistent pattern design even makes it like a jumpsuit, but after all, the separate two pieces set is more convenient than the jumpsuit. You will be so cool if wear this matching set!

matching set

All the best spring festival sales are on Jurllyshe! Don’t miss the super surprise!


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