Jurllyshe Best Easter Collection Sale Preview: Play Game, Achieve Dream

Mar.30, 2021

The annual Easter is coming, and Jurllyshe has already prepared many surprises for the preview sale from 25th March to 2nd April! The big discount and hidden coupons are here waiting for you to get! The Easter collection will be launched for your latest fashion decision!

Jurllyshe Best Easter Collection Sale Preview

Easter: the solution to life

Easter is even the most important festival of Christianity, it is the day that the great Jesus resurrects after three days when he was killed, in the earliest time, this festival is bigger than Christmas. And till today, even more, and more young people dont believe in Christianity, but we will still celebrate this day, it has been not only for celebrating Jesus’ resurgence but also for celebrating the lively life that every person on this planet has. Its our salutation to life.

Celebrate Easter with Jurllyshe(Mar. 25th to Apr. 2nd)

This year, Jurllyshe has planed many amazing promotions and launched a bulk of new collections, no matter the crop top and shorts or the two piece pants set, they are all worthy to buy, you will be given a wonderful price that you will never see in other stores. During the preview sale, you can also play a game to win more coupons and gifts to purchase your wish lists. Following are the promotion you will find on Jurllyshe during Mar. 25th to Apr. 2nd, the period of Easter preview sale.

Jurllyshe Easter collection sale preview

Coupons (after Mar. 25th )

As for the cheap online fashion brand, Jurllyshe always has a sitewide discount! Here, with you the exclusive coupons that you can use after 25th March.

Code: Easter5    $5 off when order over $49

Code: Easter15   $15 off when order over $119

Code: Easter30   $30 off when order over $199

Since it is a sitewide discount, you can use the coupons for clothes, human hair wigs, swimsuits, or accessories. So long as you can find the products on Jurllyshe, you can use the coupons.

And the tax refund season sale will also continue, in the SALE” category, the price is down to $7.99!

Jurllyshe Easter game (after Mar. 25th )

Besides, Jurllyshe will also hold a game to enhance the atmosphere of Easter for you.

On the game page, you will see 9 Easter eggs, and you will have 5 seconds to collect them, the more eggs you collect in the 5 seconds, the more surprises you will have! And there will be an egg with a free gift!

Jurllyshe Best Easter Collection Sale Preview

For the friends who always follow the Jurllyshe blog channel, as feedback, I will show you the plot! Remember the position of each reward, just click the bigger rewards firstly when playing! But not all! That will be too much.

Jurllyshe Best Easter Collection Sale Preview

New collections

Although I cant show you all the game gifts, I can show the whole information about new collections! Every style is amazing, especially the sexy corset! Add them into your cart and buy during Jurllyshe Easter collection sale preview!

matching set


matching set

Middle Lace Part Wig



All the best deals are in Jurllyshe Easter collection sale preview, play the game to collect more rewards! You can get your dreaming fashion at a good price on Jurllyshe!

Please continue to follow the Jurllyshe blog channel, more promotions and surprises are all here!


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