Jurllyshe Fashion Knowledge: Size Chart for Women’s Clothing

Mar.30, 2021

From this article, Jurllyshe will tell you some necessary knowledge that you should always keep in mind when you are shopping for fashion. The first thing is to learn the size chart about women’s clothing. It is the most basic knowledge that you should know.

Size Chart for Women’s Clothing

As everyone knows, if we want to buy suitable clothes, we should know both the clothing size chart and our bodies’ size, only if these two sizes are matched, can we get the products that are in the right sizes. Today, let’s talk about the clothing size chart first!

First of all, what you should know is that different countries have the different size systems because the different race has the totally different body shape, and it also because they are used to different symbols. In the United States, we always use the symbol: 00, 0, 2, 4-6, 8-10, 12-14, and 16-18 to describe the different sizes from small to large. And in the United Kingdom, people are used to the number of 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14......to describe the size from small to large. It is even more complicated and detailed in China, they use the combination of numbers and letters to state the size, for example, the medium size of Chinese women’s top is “160/84 A”, which means this top is suited for the girl who is around 160cm and the bust circumference is about 84cm and the letter “A” means the body shape of the girl if the bust minus waist is between 17cm to 22cm, that is a “Y” shape body; if the difference value is between 12cm to 16cm, that is an “A” shape body; if the difference value is between 7cm to 11cm, that will be a “B” shape body, and 2cm to 6cm is a “C” shape. So Y is the thinnest shape and C is the plumpest one. And for sure, our earth people have the same international statement of the size chart, it is the most commonly used system: XS(Extra Small), S(Small), M(Medium), L(Large), XL(Extra Large), XXL(Extra Extra Large)......The international system is used by nearly every country because of its simplicity and clarity, even in China, the international size chart is the most commonly used symbol.

For the American symbol “2” is always corresponding to the international symbol “XS”, and “4-6” is “S”, “8-10” is “M”, “12-14” is “L”, “16-18” is “XL”. And for the British symbols, “4-6” is “XS”, “8-10” is “S”, “12-14” is “M”, “16-18” is “L”, and “20-22” is “XL”.

So to serve the customers from different countries and used to different size chart systems around the world, Jurllyshe mainly uses three size charts for our garments: the international system, the American system, and the British system. And only the international size will be shown on the pages. Now let’s see how can you find your size with the help of Jurllyshe’s size chart.

Once you click on a product of Jurllyshe, you find that this outfit is definitely what you want, then you will go to select your favorite color and your size, if you are not sure which size is your size, you will find a button named “size chart” just behind the title of “size”, you will click it to get the size information of this style you picked(as following shows).

Size Chart for Women’s Clothing

Then you will see the size chart of this style as the following example shows, that’s a size chart of a hot crop top. You can select the unit as centimeter or the inches, that depends on your habit. On the lift of the chart is the statement of different systems and body positions/height and weight, and the top three lines of the chart are the size symbols in different systems. Behind that are the recommended body data for each size, for example, if you are 170cm and 60kg, you may need an L (large) size. Or if you suit for the S size but you want to wear it as an oversized style, you can also choose M. Under the size chart is a model sketch and some points of measurement positions, for this measurement knowledge please wait for another article.

Size Chart for Women’s Clothing

hot crop top

The above size chart is for the simple crop top, and you may find the following complicated size chart on Jurllyshe for the two piece outfits, it includes the data of the top and the bottoms, so there are many items in the chart. You need to read the chart clearly and compare it with your body size to get the right one. You can also select the unit, and the structure of this size chart is as same as the above one. You can find the statement “waist, hips, pants length” in the following chart to describe the pants of the matching sets.

Size Chart for Women’s Clothing

two piece outfits

And for the bodycon jumpsuit or the cute rompers, you may find the size chart on Jurllyshe as following shows:

Size Chart for Women’s Clothing

bodycon jumpsuit

The thing that you should know is that each style on Jurllyshe’s online fashion store has a different size chart because we have many designers and pattern makers, they are even in different countries, and the styles are very different from each other, so unify the unite and measurement position is not so easy, so we use the different size chart for different styles, you should always check it before paying.

The knowledge of the size chart for women’s clothing is almost here, hope you can always choose the best suitable clothes on Jurllyshe! And let’s talk about how to measure yourself in the next article!


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