Jurllyshe New Arrival Women’s Fall Fashion Clothing Sale

Feb.05, 2021

Matching sets, jeans, pants, dresses, jumpsuits, rompers, and more are on sale from Sept. 16, 2020 to Sept. 22, 2020. Shop the best deals from Jurllyshe.com. 

The 2020 Jurllyshe New Arrival Women’s Fall Fashion Sale is finally open for the public to shop the best deals and sales on women’s clothes, accessories, and human hair. Starting from Sept. 16 and through Sept. 22, shoppers can order chic fall fashion, including streetwear, basic wear, traveling wear, and so on.

While lounging at home, you will probably want to skip wearing “real clothes” and that is okay. Feel extra cozy while binge-watching “Succession” or deciding which franchise of “The Real Housewives” you want to watch next in bed. Loungewear and stretchy leisure are all popular options from the Jurllyshe New In Fall Fashion Sale. Find the leggings, pants, jackets, two-piece sets, along with tops are on sale at Jurllyshe.

Jurllyshe Fall Fashion for Women Sale

Jurllyshe fall fashion for women sale will span across all categories of women’s fashion and beauty. Jurllyshe offers these upcoming sale items that are either new in or current products in exclusive colors. Top help simply your shopping routine, we rounded up the sales information for you to peruse.

1. Fall Clothing In New Arrival category, 15% discount, Get code for Fall15;

    Other categories for 12% discount with code for Fall12

2. A box of tooth powder will be given for orders over US$199, while stock lasts (56 boxes in total)

3. During the event, new customers place an order and randomly reduce money, 50% will be rewarded, and the maximum can be reduced by 100 US dollars.

Jurllyshe New In Fall Fashion Clothing for Women Sale 2020

1. Ripped and Distressed Denim

ripped denim

image source: Shutterstock

Because the fashion universe knows we can’t wait to get parents to comment on the holes in our jeans, love them or hate them, ripped and distressed denim is on-trend and in the limelight in 2020. Pair these hole-filled, cut out jeans with a graphic tee and an oversized blazer or a chic crop top, show your style in the crowd.

 2. Skinny Jumpsuit

skinny jumpsuits

image source: Aliexpress

Skinny jumpsuits are a no-fail style option that can work for various occasions including casual Fridays (if and when you’re back in the office) or while you’re enjoying an outdoor picnic. Skinny jumpsuits design is made to help flatter your body and look great styled with boots, sneakers, and heels.

 3. Two Piece Pants Set

two piece pants set

image source: Jurllyshe

There is nothing other than two-piece pants set to fill your fall wardrobe. This time we promote this sleeveless round neck top and pants set, designed with contrast link and belly hollow. A looming navel enhances women’s charm.


Jurllyshe has uploaded the new fall fashion clothing, don’t miss the Fall Collections Sale. It time to dress up your closet.