JurllyShe Top Selling Fake Scalp Wig For Sale

Jun.18, 2020

As one of the most hottest trend in the wigs market nowadays, fake scalp lace wig searching is increasingly growing. In our last two blogs, we have talk about what is fake scalp wig, why should you choose a fake scalp wig and how to tell if you buy the real fake scalp wigs. You may want to know the top selling fake scalp wig.


*JurllyShe top selling fake scalp lace wig

*Which kind of fake scalp lace you should choose? 13x4 or 13x6 fake scalp lace?

Top Selling Fake Scalp Wig at Jurllyshe.com

No.1.Straight Fake Scalp Lace Human Hair Wig

The straight fake scalp lace wig is smooth and silk. If you like to get straight hairstyles recently, you may choose it. Usually many girl students choose the hair so that the straight hair seem to stands for the young and the pure temperament. In addition, the straight hair is less processed. After some time of use, if you want to change the hairstyle, you may perm it in into the curl wave and also dye it to any darker color you like. The hair can still keep in good condition.

straight fake scalp lace wig



Hair Length : 12-26" inches straight wave fake scalp lace wig,

Hair Type: Virgin Hair,

Hair Density: 150%

Lace Type: Undetectable Swiss Lace.

Wigs Advantage: Natural looking, 10a grade 100% unprocessed virgin human hair cut from one donor,full cuticle aligned,can be dyed ,permed, bleached, highlighted, straighten or styled as your own hair.

New Upgrade fake Scalp Wigs: No bald cap needed, no stocking cap needed. no plucking needed. no cowrow needed. no bleaching needed. no wig cap needed.

Natural and Comfortable: This Pre-made fake Scalp method perfectly teams up with the bleached knots serving the most natural skin parting. suitable for party, daily styles, shopping and wedding. Safe and healthy: Brides wear jurllyshe hair ,Models wear Jurllyshe hair. Even Pregnant women wear Jurllyshe hair. No chemical and smell free. 

No.2. Curly Fake Scalp Lace Human Hair Wig

The curly fake scalp human hair wig is also deemed to the hairstyles that can show the sexy and personality. It has a fuller-looking, natural luster that is appearing around the entire curly human hair body, wearing it to attend your parties, you will be the superstar among all people.

curly fake scalp lace wig



1.fake Scalp Wig: New designed pre-made fake Scalp Wig, it is soft and breathable, invisible knots, no bleaching/plucking needed, fits your skin color better.

2.Good Quality:100% high quality virgin human hair, 150% density, It's soft and tangle-free without any shedding. No chemical processing, harmless to health.

3. Unprocessed virgin human hair from one donor,full cuticle aligned, can be dyed , permed, bleached, highlighted, curled or styled as your own hair.

3.Wig Cap:medium size cap(22.5 inch),the cap fits most heads by 4 combs and elastic band and adjustable straps,you can adjust the cap to smaller or bigger to fit your head.

4.Longer Lifetime:the wig can be dyed&curled&strengthened, pls treat it as your own hair and take very good care of it,then normally it could use longer than 1 year.

No.3. Body Wave Fake Scalp Lace Human Hair Wig

The body wave wave fake scalp wig human hair is highly welcomed by more and more people all over the world. It has a big “S” shape around the entire hair body, with the natural luster showing the fashionable and soft feeling. What’s more, it is similar to the original human hair with the cuticle, which has the strong ability to restyle. You needn’t to do extra special caring procedure for it. This is the feature that more and more women like most.

body wave fake scalp lace wig



Lace Material: Swiss lace in medium color

Easy to Wear: fake scalp lace wig with combs and adjustable strap with glueless needed.

Hair Color: Natural black

Hair Density: 150%. If you have any requests, please contact me in advance.

Best Quality: We buy the hair cut from young girl hair, every procedure is inspected by the professional worker. 100% unprocessed virgin brazilian human Hair, natural and healthy, no shedding and tangle-free, Natural black hair color, cut from young girl donors. Can be dyed, bleached or styled, It’s softness, durability, minimum shedding during washing.

We guarantee No Reason return policy, as long as it is in it's original condition including the extra lace in front and back uncut. 

Which kind of fake scalp lace should you choose? 13x4 or 13x6 fake scalp lace?

lace front wig types

we have 13x6 straight fake scalp lace wig, 13x4 straight fake scalp lace wigs, 13x6 body wave fake scalp lace wig, 13x4 body wave fake scalp lace wig, 13x6 curly fake scalp lace wig and 13x4 curly fake scalp lace wig. Which kind of fake scalp lace you should choose? 13x4 or 13x6 fake scalp lace?

The biggest difference between the 13x6 fake scalp lace wig and 13x4 fake scalp lace wig is the fake scalp lace size. Many people prefer 13x6 fake scalp lace since 6” deep parting hairline make it more versatile and can get a more natural looking.

Since the fake scalp lace size is different, the price of 13x6 fake scalp lace wig is much more than 13x4 fake scalp lace wig.

So which kind of fake scalp lace wig should you choose? My answer is that it totally depends on your preference. If you are in budget and don’t want an expensive wig, 13x4 fake scalp lace wig is a good choice. If you want to a deep parting natural hairline, then we will recommend 13x6 fake scalp lace wig.

After you read the blog, we believe you know the fake scalp lace wig better. If you want a high quality human hair wig, Jurllyshe is your choice. Besides the fake scalp lace wig, we also offer transparent lace wig and other type of wigs. If you have any questions, pls contact us, the 24hours customer service is for you. The return and exchange policy make sure you place the order without additional worries.