Kylie Jenner Inspired Two-Piece Outfits That You Absolutely Need!

Jul.19, 2021

Kylie Jenner might be the youngest in her family, but she’s definitely not your average tagalong little sister. This wonder woman has been crowned by Forbes as the youngest, self-made billionaire at just 21 years! Not to forget that she has also starred in the popular reality TV show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” built a fashion brand, created a cosmetics and skincare empire from scratch, and become a mum to a beautiful girl. But this list of achievements of the megastar is still not complete.

With a bold fashion sense, Kylie Jenner has successfully redefined the dressing style of female modern millennials. She has proved herself as the ultimate style icon that continues to inspire young girls all over the world. Kylie Jenner’s two-piece outfits and two-piece skirt and top sets are a perfect blend of chic and edgy, all the while being extremely sexy and sporty. If you’re craving to match this hot girl’s style, then let us tell you that you’re not alone.

The best news is that Jurllyshe is bringing you a variety of Kylie Jenner inspired two-piece outfits that will help you mimic her style. These include women’s pant sets, two-piece shorts sets, two-piece skirt, and top sets, and so much more! Here’s a complete guide on how to style yourself like Kylie Jenner in Jurllyshe outfits.


Kylie often opts to don sportswear pieces when it comes to casual dressing. For a complete sporty and athletic look, she typically goes for a sports bra and leggings. However, for a more subdued sports look, Kylie generally sticks with a crop top paired with side-striped leggings or sweatpants. All these ensembles give Kylie a very stylish, comfortable, and laidback appeal. Her go-to color for these kinds of outfits is mostly black.

Here are some Jurllyshe outfits that will you get this look.

#1 - Jurllyshe Letter Print Bra Tank Top with Sportswear Pants Set

two piece pants set

This outfit is perfectly mirrored Kylie’s sporty street look. To complete the look, simply throw a plain black jacket on your shoulders and you’re all set. This outfit doesn’t require a lot of accessories. But if you’re into jewelry, you could wear a minimalistic bangle on one wrist. The shoes that go best with this outfit are pure white thick-sole sneakers. Ideally, you should let your hair down or put it up into a tight ponytail when rocking this outfit.

#2 - Jurllyshe Camouflage Cartoon Vest Bra Top with Elastic Sports Shorts Set

two piece pants set

Looking for a funky Kylie-inspired outfit? Well, look no more because this outfit is your answer to a cool, multi-color, Kylie-inspired sportswear. A curled mane with this outfit looks nothing short of awesome. Kylie would love a nude lip, contoured cheekbones, and smokey eyes with this outfit. So, make sure you don’t forget to wear the appropriate makeup too when you decide to sport this super sexy outfit!

#3 - Jurllyshe KL ALIEN Contrast Color Mesh Insert Letter Print Top & Pants Set

two piece pants set

This outfit is a matching set outfit with a turtleneck crop top and leggings. Both the pieces of this outfit have beautiful white detailing. It’s available in Kylie’s signature sportswear color – black! This outfit is super easy to style if you’re wearing it for a casual hangout. All you need is some statement earrings and a pair of jet-black heels to get that effortless chic Kylie look.

Crop Tops

Kylie has a killer body that she loves to flaunt. It’s, therefore, no big surprise that she often opts for crop tops that show off her toned stomach and abs. When donning a crop top, Kylie usually goes with a high neck, fitted top. For bottoms, her most common pick is ripped jeans, loose trousers, and high-waisted pants. This results in a stylish look that is sexy but at the same time easy and comfortable to wear. So, if you have a weekend party coming up, we definitely recommend you replicate this fantastic Kylie look.

Here are our top picks for Kylie-inspired crop tops from Jurllyshe.

#1 - Jurllyshe Sleeveless Round Neck Belly Hollow with Contrast Line Solid Pants Set

two piece pants set

With a sleeveless high-neck crop top in a distinctively sexy cut, this two-piece outfit is the definition of Kylie’s trendy look. All 3 colors of this outfit are detailed with neat white piping. To upgrade this look, even more, wear a watch with a metal strap and a multicolored bag. Transparent heels also look amazing with this piece.

#2 - Jurllyshe Fashion Pleated Wrap Chest Off the Shoulder Sexy Crop Top With Pants Set

two piece pants set

This gorgeous women’s pant set is something we can imagine Kylie wearing on a shopping trip with her sisters and Stormi. It’s got amazing drawstring work that is going to perfectly complement your curves. So, put your hair down, grab a matching clutch, and get ready to join your girls!


Kylie’s midriff isn’t the only thing she likes to flaunt. She’s got some long, sexy, and toned legs that she loves to show off on a warm sunny day. And to do this, she’s often spotted wearing sexy miniskirts. For casual daytime wear, Kylie likes to opt for a denim miniskirt. But if it’s a formal function like a birthday party, then Kylies chooses more elaborate beaded or metallic designs.

If you are one of those inspired by Kylie’s two-piece skirt and top sets, look no further. Here are two of the best Kylie-inspired skirt and top sets from Jurllyshe.

#1 - Jurllyshe Side Stripe Detail Crop Top with Skirt Denim Set

two piece skirts set

This denim two-piece skirt and top set is classic Kylie fashion. It’s perfect to be worn to a sports event or a casual hangout session with friends. The short skirt and sleeveless top makes it one of the best outfits for summer. The comfortable polyester fabric with a sexy silhouette is guaranteed to give you a stylish Kylie look,

#2 - Jurllyshe Short Sleeve Crop Top with Camouflage Skirt Set

two piece skirt set

This two-piece outfit is a major goal for anyone who is aiming to get that signature Kylie look. This outfit has plenty of room for accessories. You can wear a nice charm bracelet or necklace with it. Kylie would never wear this outfit without any mascara so don’t forget to curl your lashes and apply some mascara.

Parting Words

At Jurllyshe, we are committed to delivering you the best celebrity-inspired looks. If you are a fan of Kylie’s style (like we are!) make sure to check out our website and place your order now.