Lace Closure VS Lace Frontal Closures

Feb.21, 2021

lace closure vs frontal closure

All we use hair bundles with a closure or a frontal to make a wig, or directly a whole wig. Closures/frontal is one part of your wig. You can choose any of them when you buy lace closure with bundles.  

What is lace closure/lace frontal closure?

In the industry convention, lace closures mean that one piece of lace or silk measures 4*4inches, with an appropriate density of human hair. Lace frontal closure means that bigger size of silk/lace measures 13*4inches, with human hair. 360 lace closure means that there is a circle piece of silk/lace with human hair sew on it.   

✿The lace closure has the invisibility to serve as your real scalp. Because of the color of the lace similar to the man’s skin. Just be relax to wear it to the ball.

✿The closure can be a free part, middle part, and 3part. Whatever you find is 4*4inch lace closure or 13*4frontal lace closure. 

Lace closure or lace frontal closure, which one to choose?

The 4*4 lace closure is smart when you need to install or clean it. It can suit your hear well, no matter the size of your head is smaller or larger than common.

Another advantage of 4*4 lace closure is it is much smaller than the frontal closure. So it is more breathable for your scalp. 

How to install a lace closure to a wig?

Sew in a wig, you need at least 2 bundles of human hair with a frontal closure and at least 3hair bundles with one lace closure. So that you can fill in all your head.

You’d better ask your barber for help. One thing you need to do first is to make your own hair braid. And then sew in your lace closure/frontal closure in your head. Third, sew in your hair weave in your head around the closure. At last, make a new hairstyle in your barber’s hand and take some wig care solution to protect your hair.

Where to buy good cheap lace closures and frontal? 

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